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Strange: Man Allegedly Dies Of Heart Attack Shortly After His Wife Welcomed A Baby Who Has His Younger Brother’s Birthmark



An anonymous man had reportedly died of heart attack few moments after his wife welcomed a new born baby, who has the same birthmark as his wealthy younger brother.

According to reports by a Twitter user @isrealgeraldine, the deceased husband was aware that his younger brother who is rich thsn him has been “having it” with his wife, but he didn’t speak up or prevent his wife from committing adultery with the younger brother because he was staying in his house.

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The twitter user wrote;

My neighbor died of heart attack this morning. He knew his wealthy younger bro is sleeping with his wife but kept calm because he’s living in younger Bro’s house and he also promised to help start a business 4 him. Wife just gave birth to a baby boy with younger bro’s birth mark.

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