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Daddy Freeze Response As Man Challenges Him To Heal Mad Man In Lucifer’s Name



A Nigerian man has stepped out to challenge popular Nigerian on air presenter, Daddy Freeze following the controversial statement made by Freeze.

According to the man on Instagram named Sogunro Toluwase, he took to the comment section of Daddy Freeze’s post and asked him to heal a mentally challenged person in “Lucifer’s name.

It could be recalled that Daddy Freeze over the weekend made a post on IG, stating that the name “Jesus has no meaning in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin and Greek while “Lucifer« means “light bringer”.

However, his statement attracted several reactions as social media users lambasted him for always sharing insensitive opinions on internet.

Toluwase, supposedly a follower Daddy Freeze social media, dropped a challenged comment on the comment section of the post and wrote;

“Sir I challenge you to a test. Let’s pick a random mad man on the street. Pray in the name of Lucifer I will pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s see at the mention of who they get delivered. I dare you sir, this will end this rubbish you keep spitting out.”

In response to his comment, Daddy Freeze slammed him and asked him to step forward so he could use him as the first example.

Daddy Freeze response;

“I think that the first mad man that needs prayers is you, so let me pray for you to be delivered from benightedness and unscholarly religious slavery which is the highest form of slavery,”.

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