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Since I Helped A Lady To Dust Off A Dirty On Her Trouser At A Mall, My Wife Has Not Talked To Me — Man Cries Out



A man who is currently battling with a misunderstanding with his wife after he reportedly helped a lady to clean her dusty trouser at a shopping mall.

According to the anonymous man, he went on outing with his family, while they were waiting to be served food, a lady was passing by and he noticed a dust on her trouser, so he called her attention and then helped her to dust it off.

The wife saw what happened and became angry to the extent that the lady noticed and had to come back to apologize to the woman yet she’s not comfortable and has refused to talk to her husband since they returned from the outing.

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Read his story below;

My wife is just making a big deal out of nothing. I am not ready to apologize this time around. I took my wife out. While we were waiting to be served food. A lady was passing by. She wore black trouser and it was dusty. Probably where she sat. I called her attention to it and helped her clean the dust off.

The lady was thankful but my wife picked offense. That if I wasn’t looking at her bum bum, wouldn’t have seen. That why was I looking at her bumn bum. The lady saw the way my wife was shouting at me and she came to apologize on my behalf. My wife embarrassed the lady.

People were just telling her to calm down. She ended up ruining our outing and since then, she has not talked to me. She’s waiting for me to apologize. Sincerely speaking, I cleaned the nyash with clear mind. If I have something with the lady, I won’t do that in front of my wife. Please house, who is wrong. I will apologize if you guys tell me lI’m wrong.

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