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Catholic Priest Returns Home With Just Two Bags After 53 Years Of Service



An Italian Catholic priest has melted the hearts of Kenyans after returning to his country with only two bags, which contain all his materials after 53 years of service in the country.

The Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Adolf Poll has been in the East Africa, Kenya, serving as a missionary priest since 1968 and left the country for Italy on Monday, May 24, retirement after serving for more than half century.

Fr. Adolf left Kenya with only two bags containing his materials with no other things added to it. This has made many to say that the priest lived a simple and humble life and was as well seldom interested in acquiring material things in his more five decades stay in the East Africa.

According to a statement released by the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, Malindi, the octogenarian who will turn 81 in the coming week has been serving as a missionary priest in Kenya since 1968.

“Today May 25, 2021, the missionary priest, who will celebrate his 81st birthday next week (3rd June), packed all his personal belongings acquired during his more than five decades of priestly ministry in Kenya, fitting in just two small bags, and started his journey back home in Italy for retirement.”

He was ordained as a priest in 1966 in Northern Italy, and he came to Kenya in December 1968 to serve as a missionary priest. Father Adolf served in the Diocese of Kisii between 1969 and 2000 and on the Pentecost Sunday of 2001, he was appointed to serve in the Diocese of Malindi. “Twenty years later, on Pentecost Sunday 2021, he celebrated his farewell Mass at Witu-Kipini Parish in the Central Deanery of Malindi Diocese.”

Many Kenyans and church members testifiedvto the priest’s humility in his decades of service in the country. During his service in Kisii, he used an old Toyota pick-up truck while in Malindi, he moved around in a motorbike. He is said to have had no interest in accumulating material things and it was little wonder he moved back to his home country with just two bags.

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