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Man Narrates How He Consumes At Least 50 Bottles Of Beer Everyday.



Many people are suffering from different addictions, varying from drug to alcohol to smoking etc, some are dealing with it secretly, while some others become fed up and come out in public to solicit the needed help.

According to a former alcohol addict, who called in during a live radio program, to narrate his experience, he disclosed that he got so addicted to alcohol that he drank over 50 bottles of beer daily.

The anonymous man revealed that he was introduced into drinking by his business friends, who lived an extravagant and careless lifestyle, as they go out everyday to consume alcohol and chase after ladies.

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He said at first he was reluctant then he got used to it till he consumed at least fifty bottles of beer each day, starting from in the morning till night as he was always seen with a bottle of beer every time.

His addiction adversely affected his family as well as his business, as he was always absent at his shop, but always present at different beer palours and he always kept late night, coming back home drunk.

He, however, disclosed that what made him consider his lifestyle was that he noticed that his business was drastically going down due to the money he was spending on his addiction, but his friends’ businesses were booming and they were erecting houses and so he had to advise himself to stop before it will destroy his life.

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To deal with his addiction, he immediately started stay away from his friends, who usually took him out to drink and with time, he gradually reduced the number of bottles he consumed till he stopped drinking completely.



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