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“I Saved Your Number On My Phone As ‘My Desire’, But You Saved Mine As “Ekuke”(Small ‘Bingo’), You Will Tell Me Who Is ‘Ekuke’ Today?’ – Lady Fights Boyfriend Over How He Saved Her Number (Video)


on has stumbled upon a very hilarious video of two lovers involved in a scuffle over how each of them saved the phone number of the other.

In the video, the lady held the man’s shirt by the neck area and demanded to know why he saved her number as ‘Ekuke’ whereas she saved his number as ‘My Desire’

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She held the man’s shirt and told him he must tell her, who is ‘Ekuke’ today?

For context, ‘Ekuke is an igbo word for small dog, that are usually sold at popular Eke Uke market for consumption.

Watch video below


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