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Lady Narrates Her Ugly Experience With A 15-Year-Old Boy Who Asked To “Have It” With Her



A South African lady has taken to social media to pour out her ugly experience with a 15 years old boy who approached her and asked to “have her” in bed.

According to her, she got home and was unlocking her apartment when the boy approached her, asking for directions which she directed him. Few moments later he returned back and asked to m****t*bate on her.

Read her story below;

The worst thing just happened. I was unlocking my door to get into my apartment and this kid comes up to me looking all lost. So I ask him if he’s lost and he says yes he’s looking for Unit XYZ. Then I direct him

Cool. After I direct him, he says “Um, please help me, I don’t know what’s happening”. So I’m like, what’s up, kid, talk to me and I’ll see if I can try help you

So then he says, “Well I was walking, and then I saw you and all of a sudden my pvate pts became h**d I don’t know what’s happening can you explain to me what’s happening”

At this point I am so shocked I can barely conjure the energy to be angry. So I respond by asking him how old he is. He says he’s 15. It was at this point that I realised this child knows exactly what he is doing, and exactly what’s happening.

So I told him off, and told him not to speak to other women like that ever again. I thought I was pretty stern but he didn’t seem embarrassed by his behaviour or even perturbed. He even complained about being “s**e”

Being me, I retreat before things cross the “awkward” line and get plain ugly. So I just close my door in disbelief. I sit down, process what has just happened, and then begin to unpack my groceries.

Then there’s a knock on my door. I open it, and there’s this kid again. I kid you not, he said “Ma’am please can I just m*****bate over you and then I’ll leave”. I’m-

I’ve never wanted to sl*p someone’s child so hard in my entire life. What the hell has this kid been getting away with to think he can say something like that to someone without repercussions.

He came back to apologise but I didn’t open the door; my neighbour spoke to him instead. He says he only did it because bullies at school made him do it. I’m not sure I’m convinced but even then, I think either way someone out there is condoning bad behaviour. Anyways, I’m fine❤️

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