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“I Tested Him With Money, He Failed, Should I Still Give Him 500k To Establish A Business” — Lady Seeks Advice



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to solicit advice on how to handle a challenge, she is currently facing in her relationship.

According to the lady, she has been dating a man for three years and their relationship is very serious, to the extent that she would do anything within her means to maintain the relationship, but the man is not financially stable and seemed not to be good and sincere in the aspect of money.

Read her story below;

My boyfriend of three years is very broke but I’m a bit financially sound at least I’m average. He’s 42 without kids while I’m 34 with a son. The issue now is I love him so much and wish to establish him in a business but he isn’t even good in any business and he isn’t good with money. Should I still go ahead and give him 500k for business? I’m so scared but at the same time I Don’t like the way he’s broke.

I’m a graduate and he isn’t. I have my own house but he doesn’t (he’s squatting). About how I knew he isn’t good with money? I have tested him with money and he squandered all with bet naija. I have borrowed and he didn’t give me back. Please should I still establish him?? I hate to see him broke.

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