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Yahoo Boy Paralyzed While Attempting To Use His Mother For Ritual, After Using His Father (Photos



An alleged Yahoo boy, slangs for internet fraudster has reportedly suffered paralysis after he wanted to use his mother for money ritual in Sapele, Delta state.

According to reports, the boy who is widely known as John Aka King Of Money got paralyzed after he attempted to use his mother for money sacrifice.

It was reported that John once travelled to Ghana and suddenly became rich, then not too long after acquiring his sudden wealth, his father died.

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He returned back to Sapele to bury his father and bought landed properties as he continued to live an extravagant life, till he went broke, started selling his properties and travelled back to Ghana.

He finally came back to Nigerian and suspiciously started getting very close to his mother.

The mother was relaxing one day at home but pretended to be sleeping when John quietly entered into her room and started performing the ritual assignment that was assigned to him in which his mother was the target, the mother woke up and immediately caught her son reciting incantations directly towards to her and was shocked.

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At that point, John started confessing. He confessed that he was the one who used his father for money rituals and wanted to use his mother too, immediately he got paralysed after opening up on his atrocities.