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How A Lady Travelled 4 Hours For A Job Interview And Got R*ped By Unknown Men (Details)



A heartbroken lady has narrated how she was molested and raped by unknown men who invited her for a modeling casting in Port Harcourt in 2013.

According to the lady on twitter, identified as @meejakes. She said she was contacted by some men who claimed to be modelling casting directors and invited her from Umuahia, the capital of Abia State to Port Harcourt for a casting call but unfortunately she was molested and raped by the same men that invited her over for the interview.

She tweeted;

In 2013 I traveled from Umuahia to Port Harcourt for a modeling casting call, there was no casting call. I was raped instead by men who didn’t know me and had never seen me before.

When people asked why she kept mute all this while, she responded that at the time when it happened to her, she didn’t know anyone who have had the same experience and how they handled it.

Her response reads;

For those asking if I reported, I did not. Everything I had on me was taken from me, my only concern was making it home safely. Before this happened to me, I never knew a single person that had ever being r*ped, didn’t know what to do.

This is why activism is important to me and I don’t find any form of rpe apology funny. Society taught me, good girls don’t get rped, it’s for b*d girls. So when this happened to me I felt so alone, like I somehow contributed to it. I have since shed that guilt.

I share lots of things about my activism on Instagram, I just felt safer there. I never want any survivor to feel alone, I am still triggered by people’s stories but if you ever feel alone and ever want someone who understands I will always listen.


Life style

“It Is Never The Duty Of A Wife To Wash Clothes And Clean The House” — Lady Says



A lady has sparked reactions on social media after she made a controversial statement about house chores.

According to the lady on twitter with the username as @ , she claimed that washing clothes as well as cleaning of the house is never the duty of the wife but due to most women are not financially independent, that is why they are have no option but to submit to it, she said.

In a recent post shared on twitter, she wrote;

“If not for financial constraints cleaning of the house and washing of clothes is never the duty of a wife”

As usual, her post attracted several reactions from many social media users as some took beneath her post to blast her while some advised not to be carried away by worldly things.

Checkout some of the reactions below;

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