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‘Anybody Who Takes Off A Condom During Intercourse Without Their Partner’s Permission Or Knowledge Should Be Jailed”— Nigerian lady Advocates, Narrates A Victim’s Experience(screenshot)



A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Nsimah has suggested jail terms for anybody who intentionally removes a condom during intercourse without the partner’s permission or prior knowledge.



Oge Nsimah

Oge Nsimah, in a post, she shared on facebook, stated that it is an intentional act of deception and wickedness for one to do so, because it invades their partner’s privacy and in the long run affects their well-being and future.

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She went on to narrated a victim’s experience, as the victim disclosed to her how a man got her pregnant through this aforementioned evil act and still had the guts to tell her to abort it because he wasn’t ready to be a father.

She took to her facebook account and wrote:

“I seriously think this should be considered and signed into the law.

That act of someone removing a condom during s+x, without a proper permission from their partner or knowledge should be punishable by jail term.

It is a kind of invading someone’s  privacy..its abnormal, its fraud,

 A girl who got pregnant through this selfish act just called me few seconds ago.

 The worst and the most annoying part of it  all is that, the young man who’s responsible for it is telling her to go for abortion,, saying he is not ready to father a baby…

This guy must be very stupid

Oge NsimahZJQH6YQ”

There have been incidents of partners complaining of how they were taken advantage of, by those they had intercourse with.

We have heard of some ladies narrate stories of how some unscrupulous men bore holes on the condom without the ladies knowing for reasons best known to them and also ladies doing the same to men without the knowledge of the men also,  in most cases, just to get pregnant for the men.

In conclusion, I’m of the opinion that both parties have to agree together to avoid conflicts and regrets in the future




Life style

“It Is Never The Duty Of A Wife To Wash Clothes And Clean The House” — Lady Says



A lady has sparked reactions on social media after she made a controversial statement about house chores.

According to the lady on twitter with the username as @ , she claimed that washing clothes as well as cleaning of the house is never the duty of the wife but due to most women are not financially independent, that is why they are have no option but to submit to it, she said.

In a recent post shared on twitter, she wrote;

“If not for financial constraints cleaning of the house and washing of clothes is never the duty of a wife”

As usual, her post attracted several reactions from many social media users as some took beneath her post to blast her while some advised not to be carried away by worldly things.

Checkout some of the reactions below;

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