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Robber Arrested After He Fell Asleep In Police Officer’s House He Broke Into To Steal (PHOTO)



A thief has been reported to have broken into a house of a police officer, then climbed into the bed and fell asleep. The incident reportedly occurred on March 22 in the Nam Rorn sub-district of Wichianburi in Petchabun province in Northeastern Thailand.

The Police officer named sergeant Sakda Jiamprasert surprisingly woke up in the night at about 2am and was surprised to hear the air-conditioner working in his daughter’s room.

Aware that his daughter had been around for a few days, the police went outside and peeped into her bedroom window and There, he beheld the burglar identified as Athip Kinkhunthot,a 22-year-old lying in his daughter’s bed, with his burglary equipment laying next to him.

The police officer woke up the thief after falling asleep on the daughter’s bed when he broke into a house to steal. Immediately, Sakda requested for backup.


The burglar, Kinkhunthot was still drowsy when the back up police squad came and woke him up.

According to The Nation, a Thai news site, the burglar told police that he had been going through the neighborhood for quite a long time in search of a cool target and as a result became very tired.

Kinkhunthot broke into Officer Jiamprasert’s house but then decided to take a short nap before ransacking the property. He then turned on the air-conditioner and then decided to take a five-minute nap, but realised he slept for hours and he was forcefully woken up by the police.

Although Kinkhunthot actually didn’t stole any property, he was still arrested for criminal damage, as well as for burglary .

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Again Nigeria Get Snubbed As Germany Chooses Ghana Over Nigeria For West African Health Centre



For more than two consecutive times now, Nigeria has been snubbed by International organizations or companies looking for an African destination of their African headquarters.

The government of Germany, had in the early hours of today announced her intentions to to build a German-West African Centre for Global Health and Pandemic Prevention, which would be supported and sponsored by the German government.

Announcing their intentions, the German Ambassador to Ghana, Christoph Retzlaff, made this known via a tweeter post where he stated that the center would be located in Ghana.

View the tweet here:

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