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Stop Asking Your Man Where He’s Going To? It’s So Disrespectful, He Is Not Your Mate! – Nigerian Man Tells Ladies



A Nigerian man has told ladies, who are fond of asking their man about his whereabout to stop to it from henceforth.

The man identified as Onyedika, took to social media, to tell ladies that if their man is going out, they are not permitted to ask him, where he is going to,  because it is totally disrespectful.

He added that the man is old enough to take care of himself and therefore he has every right to come back anytime he feels.

He wrote;

‘Ladies should stop asking their man “Where are you going to?” That sounds so disrespectful! He is old enough to go and come back at will.

Stop being disrespectful, he is not your mate!’

See the screenshot of his post on Facebook below

His post drew the ire of most social media users, especially the female folks who felt his opinion is not to be taken seriously. Below are some comments

Juana Onyebuchl commented
And you think knowing where he is going to despite his litle lie is bad. You have not heard the story of a man who was later found Slaughtered,cooked and the meat was about to be shared when police caught up with them just because he told his wife were he was going to.

Justice Amanze commented
This guy get dual personality

Godswill Chiemelie Chukwuma commented
Mr long name I don’t support you this time around

Chukwu Kenechukwu commented
Mr Long name you see this one, you failed it. Its very necessary a man says where he is going to while the house, in case of any occurence he shouldn’t wait for his wife to ask even, It can only be disrespectful if the wife asks that rudely.

Ngozi Salome commented
And if something happen to him there, she will be the first person they will call.

Jennifer lkechukwu Okoli commented
Na now I know say u b boy, small one for dat mata! Men are Even happy their wives are asking in case something bad happens to them, so there will be a clue as to how to find or assist them… U dey here dey yarn trash

Blessing Love Chinemerem commented
You are sick! Its your type that turns marriage into slavery. I pity the woman that will marry you because you are sick and myopic #tuaaa!!

Afamefuna Afamefuna commented
I am a man but I disagree on this one, any body that is going out both men and women without telling his wife or her husband even family and friends where he or she is going the location or destination is a mad person even all this transport companies they have a manifest if it is not good to clearly know your identity why will dey have it , sometimes if you see some people they will be telling you that I own my self but if eventually one bad incident happened to them they won’t own their self any longer that time person will own them

Osita Chizzy Rejoice commented
He has come again

Okafor Kelechi Charity P commented
Its a big lie. If u re a man thinking reasonably befor u leave d house u should tell people in the house where u re going for security and unforeseen circumstances. My father cant step outside without saying where he is going. So my dear its very necessary no matter who u re incase of incasity. Obodo is bad these days.

Herbert Onwusoro commented
Even those who tell end up going to a different place

Chidimma Nwosu commented
If u are sensible enough, u dont need to be asked that question before you let her know where you are going to

Loveth Okafor commented
D man dey catch cruise

Tochukwu lgboke commented
Your name alone will cost Nigeria 10 solid years to understand.

Francisca Ejimchukwu commented
Confused as ur name.

Amaka Doris Iheanyichukwu commented
Is of no use cause they will end up lying.

Oche Eneh commented
Is this one okay?

Chidinma Dike commented
And if anything happens she will be the fool for not knowing her Man’s whereabouts in the first place

Orjiako Chiamaka Crystabel commented
Please where did u crawl out from

Valentine Ehirim commented
You are wrong mr long name,d wife will be held responsible,if he did not come back.sir tell ur wife about your movement.

Nkechi Ojiako Okparaozumba Interesting



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