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‘god is a p.ig’ – Italian Goalie, Buffon Receives one-game Ban For Blasphemy



Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon has been charged for blasphemy after he was heard for screaming ‘Porco Dio!’, which translates in English as ‘god is a pig’, towards his Juventus team-mate, Manolo Portanova.

He initially received a €5,000 euros (£4,260) fine for an incident that occurred during a Serie A clash on December 19, 2020 against Parma but did get a ban.

Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon

The alleged comment of the goalkeeper’s was not initially proven by the Italian authorities due to lack of clear audio but the FIGC’s Court of Appeal upheld the Federal Prosecutor’s appeal and handed him a ban.

The duration of the punishment is that Buffon will miss the Turin derby with Torino on Saturday April 3.

The ‘Blasphemy Law’ was introduced in 2010 and a number of players in Serie A have fell victim to the law.



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