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‘No Matter What You Do, We Will Sleep With You Before Giving You Movie Roles’ — Filmmaker Tells Upcoming Actress



A popular Ghanaian movie director and media personality, identified as Ola Kwaku Michael, has boldly told the current Ghana’s Miss NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE.(NAFAC), Queen Ahenewaa, that producers will have s3x with her before she gets movie roles.

According to him, he claimed that most producers will want to sleep with her because if they fail to do it now, they will not have the privilege to do so when the actress hits limelight

Queen Ahenewaa

“The work, no matter what you do, we will sleep with you. When I finish sleeping with you, a colleague will reach me and say Ola the girl you used is good, give me her number. Before he will cast you, he will also sleep with you, the next director will also do same,” he said while speaking Twi on his radio program on Neat FM.

Ola went further to add that beauty queen should quote him anywhere, because he is very sure of what he said about he added.

“Quote me everywhere, I have started making movies for a long time now, sometimes it is you the girls that will beg us to sleep with you,” he said.

Surprisingly, the aspiring actress confirmed that it is true as she went further to say that only recently a producer asked her for s3x for a role in his movie but she declined.


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