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Update: A Husband Who Shared A Story Of How His Wife Was Earning A Huge Salary But Lied To Him To The Extent Of Buying Her Sanitary Pads Says They Have Settled



A Ghanian man whose story of how his wife hid her salary to acquire some landed properties for her family went viral some weeks ago has said his wife has finally accepted that what she did was wrong and has apologized to him.

The heartbroken man recently took to social media to share her story about how his wife of 6 years lied to him about her salary and used it the money to buy land and build a house for her father.

He went further and revealed that the wife also bought a car for her brother, but loaned him the husband money to add up to the one he saved to buy a car and later disturbed him to pay back of which he paid.

According to him, immediately he discovered what she was up to, with her family he decided that everyone should spend their own earnings, this has made his wife’s family to tender several apologies but he failed to forgive them due to the intense pains, they caused him.

In a new update, the husband has revealed that his wife returned from work after she overheard her co-workers discussing about the story of her and the husband and went on her knees and cried bitterly as she apologise for all the pain she and her family made him to pass through.

He further added that he has forgiven her and they are starting afresh again and things are going normal as both of them now know their responsibilities.

Read his story below:

Good afternoon. There’s a short update to my story. something happened when you shared my story. So do yesterday my wife came home looking like she has cried all day. I didn’t mind or ask her question. When the kids slept she came to me asking if I published our story and I ask which story. She said she returned to the office and saw he colleagues talking about the story and insulting the woman so she also went on Facebook to read it. Immediately she read it, she knew I was he one who sent the story because everything is just exactly what we are going through. I didn’t say anything

She knelt down nd started crying, begging me to forgive her her sins. She cried so loud and fir so long that our first kid woke up and begun crying to. She held my legs when I tried getting up and told me she won’t let me go until I say something. I was moved to tears but didn’t want to cry for her to see. When she held my leg, I cried i couldn’t help but break down and i cry too. It was like a funeral in the house

She asked me forgive her and forgive his parents too. She didn’t know I was this hurt and everything I was doing was due to that. she said the fact that all the people in her office insulted the lady in the story means she had done something grievous and she regrets everything. I apologized to her too for thinking evil. We have promise to talk about everything between us and be transparency about our money issues and about our lives together as husband and wife.

I’ve never seen my wife break down like this and this makes me believe she has changed and it’s remorseful. I’ve forgiven her totally with all my heart. I’ve promised er to be a good man to her always and won’t ever run from my responsibilities. She has promised same too. So we are starting all over afresh. i will trust her and I’ll keep her close. She’s a good wife for the past six yeats this had been the only major troubles between us

Thank you for telling my story on your platform and in the end bringing perfect peace to our home. God is using you people and I hope you’ll continue doing great job. I thank all the people who commented and shared the story too. they are the reason my wife read it. Continue your good work.

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