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My Only Crime Was To Be Born A Female — Lady Narrates Her Awful Experience With Polygamist Father



A Nigerian lady identified as Hilda Nwafor has shared her awful experience she had with her father who is a polygamist.

According to Hilda who hails from Udenu Local Government Area, she was born in a polygamous family of 15 children and the only child of her mother who was neglected simply because her mother who happens to be the 3rd wife out of 5 wives gave birth to just a female child.

Her mother being the only woman in her husband’s home without a male child and as a result, she was sidelined. Whenever they are sharing something mostly foodstuffs, they were not given enough that will be enough for them.

She never attended school simply because the father thought female children have nothing to offer in the society, so she had to ran out of the village to the neighbouring village where she met a helper who took her to the city and changed her life to somebody.

Read her story below:

My name is Hilda Nwafor. I hail from Udenu LGA, in Enugu state. I am an only child of my mother but the 6th child out of 15 children of my Father. Yes, my father is a polygamist. My father ignored my mother who happens to be his 3rd out of 5 wives because she gave him a female child. My mother is the only wive without a male issue and as a result, she was sidelined. We were not given enough food stuffs like the other wives and their children and my father moved us to the old hut previously occupied by my late grandpa. I didnt go to school but that didnt stop me from borrowing books from my peers and coaching myself.

I ran away from home at the age of 13. My step brother insulted my mum and I didn’t hesitate to beat sense into him. He is my father’s favourite child and I was so scared, I didnt bother to wait for my father to return from the farm. I left the village and took solace in the neighbouring village. I didnt stop to think of the grief my mother must be passing through. I vowed to return but after achieving the impossible so as to impress my family.

Life was hell for me. With no where to sleep and no money to feed on, I became a beggar and got crumbs from the villagers. I got picked up by a kind lady who happened to be visiting the village on a research program. She took me to Lagos and introduced me to her family. She is a married woman blessed with 3 kids with the eldest being 7 years. The Nzechie’s were very nice and accommodating towards me. The enrolled me in school and taught me basic etiquettes. I stayed with the Nzechie’s for 5 years and by then, I had transformed into a beautiful young woman. Mr Nzechie started putting up some behaviours and touching me in places a man shouldn’t.

No one needed to tell me my time in the Nzechie’s house was up. When everyone went out for the day, I quickly packed my bags and wrote a short note for Mrs Nzechie. I didnt bother about money because I had enough. Mrs Nzechie placed me on weekly allowance ever since I stayed with them. Mr Nzechie also gave me money and left his change with me after sending me on errands. I left with nothing less than 50k in my pocket. I relocated to Ilupeju and decided to drop out of school and enter into cooking business. I bought an umbrella, a stove and started cooking assorted dishes. Before long, the tales of a beautiful young woman with mouth watering meals travelled around and I had a long line of customers. With time, I became popular and employed more hands. Yes, this attracted envy and jealousy from my competitors but it didnt stop me. I went at the business for a year and 5 months and I was able to rent a decent shop for my business. I added a motorcycle to my property for deliveries and it blossomed into a full blown restaurant.

At the age of 20, I was a well known business owner. Yes, i was young but I had dreams too. It is now 7 years since I last saw my mum or any of my family. I decided I had not get got to the level I desired before visiting them and continued with my business. At the end of that year, I was able to sell of my motorcycle and get a fairly used car. I drove myself around and also made deliveries myself. Now, I could think of renting an apartment for myself. Before now I shared the little store room of my shop with my helpers Gift and Osaro. Things were working out fine for me. An illiterate child now a young businesswoman with her own money. I left the shop in the care of Gift, my senior helper and journeyed home to my village in Enugu.

Upon arrival, I noticed everything had changed. Yes it has been roughly 8 years since I last visited, but the environment was a lot more lively. I made my way to my father’s compound on a motorcycle and came down dressed in my bubba. Two elderly women looked at me with keen interest and I noticed they were Mama Ado (first wife) and mama chucks ( second wife). I greeted them and asked of my mum. They pointed to her hut which was still the hut we occupied only now,the roof had fresher palm fronds and the mud walls were replastered. I went in and found my mother sleeping. I gently woke her up and she instantly recognised me. We screamed with tears of joy and hugged each other. I asked after my father and she said he never even bothered to look for me after I ran away saying it was for the best. I stood up and walked out heading to my fathers house. The only building built with blocks in the compound.

My mother ran after me pleading that she was all I had. I ignored her and stepped in without knocking on his door. I found him devouring two wraps of pounded yam and okazi soup. He looked up with shock and asked who I was. When he saw my mother behind me, he questioned her asking who she brought to his house. I laughed and introduced myself as his long lost run away daughter. He flashed a look of shock but instantly replaced it with indifference. I told him I was here to take my mother to the city and give her the life she deserves. He gave a mockery laugh and told me to go ahead since he had no use of her.

I brought out a stack of 200 mint note and dropped it on his table. He jerked back with shock upon seeing the notes. I told him it was payment for putting up with my mother for the years during my absence and led my mum out of his house. He followed us outside and slowly, the audience increased. My step mothers and siblings all watching with curiosity. I brought out a stack of money and started sharing it amongst them randomly. I made sure I shared the whole money before bidding them farewell for good and heading out of the compound with my mother. I might not be educated like my siblings but I made sure I left him in shock. I smiled proudly at myself and held my mother close knowing I was going to give her nothing but the best in life.


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