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Wahala: Woman In Deep Trouble For Beating 3 Pastors, Accusing Them Of Deceiving And Extorting Money From The Public



A 46-year-old woman has been apprehended by police for allegedly beating up three clergymen in Adum a suburb of Kumasi in Ghana.

According to reports gathered by SeniorNG,  the middle-aged woman with the name as Yeboah Hannah reportedly used a cane and electric to descend on the three clergymen which claimed were hungry men of God.

An eye witness said that Hannah was on her way to the market when she met a street preacher identified as Pastor Yobi on the road, who revealed to her that she has seen vision about her eldest son.

The pastor revealed to her that there is a calamity that would happen and it would befall her son, whom he claimed is in overseas.

Hannah was tempted to stand and listen to more of what the pastor was prophesying because all he was saying were lies but was tying to play smart on the woman and forgetting that the woman was following up his movement.

Some moments later, after Hannah had listened to the lies, the preacher asked for cash to pray against the evil and break the evil chain, he brought out a can and pointed it straight to the pastor and started beating him with the microphone wire he was using to preach.

Hannah, after beating the pastor, she took collection box and shared the offering money he had gathered to people around there.

This attracted many people who gathered to know what happened between the woman and the pastor while she was beating him, Hannah was forced to narrate what caused the incident, she revealed that she has only one son and he is a doctor, but the preacher was trying to play smart on her intelligence what was the reason why she started beating him.

She left the scene and went to another direction where she met another street preacher who was preaching to the people and was requesting money from the crowd who gathered to listen to him, Hannah on seeing this, she got angry and used the wire she took from the first pastor to flog the second pastor, accusing him of deceiving the public with fake preach just to get money from them.

Out of annoyance, the second preacher could not bear it any longer, he called Hannah a witch and she became more angry and asked the public not to give him any money again.

Another pastor who was within the vicinity and saw what was happening between the woman and other preachers, he tried to separate them but was also beaten by Hannah.

The first who could not bear the assault from Hannah, quickly rushed to the police and made a report and Hannah was arrested but later regained her freedom after her doctor son appeared at the police station.

However, Hannah had already vowed to deal with the street preachers from deceiving the general public.

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