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‘Being Broke Is Better Than Making Money Illegally’ — Lady Advises, Twitter Users React



A lady on twitter has caused a series of debates and reactions over her tweet that totally condemned illegal income.


The user in her tweet stated that it’s better for one to be poor than to earn or make money illegally.


She tweeted;

 ‘Being broke is better than making money illegally..’

See screenshot of her tweet below

Although she didn’t go further to state her reasons, it caused reactions and counter-reactions, while some agreed with her tweet otherwise disagreed.



Here are some reactions from the comment section of her tweet below;

@nedumcr8tv commented

I had the opportunity to do yahoo or other illegal business.I have all it take to do much better than people doing it and make real big money but I bluntly refused to do it.I went into depression due to solid brokenness and all my friends abandon me.Yet I did not do it. i no die


@ijoba_kofi commented

If a job was sure after finishing school in Nigeria, most people won’t venture into fraud. Just saying lol. Imagine after spending 18 years in primary and secondary school, then spend about 5 or 6 years (depending on asuu) then the person no con see get work


@LanreEboda commented

Where do you get this your yeye concept from ?Even the so called men of God are lying to their congregation with God’s name and making money of them illegally. Did you know what’s called O.B.T? The Muslims clerics and the so called pastors are always charged with it.


@Bobbyspectra commented

Being broke is bad but we stay in a country where our leaders don’t even help with the legal ways of making the money and they still steal from us . So make all man find their own way oo If u wan dey broke till u die e concern u

@ZonofChristo commented

“Making money illegally” depends on the current state of the law the governs a geographical jurisdiction. Take America for example, marijuana is illegal in some states but the same marijuana is very legal in other states and people are cashing out.

See screenshots of other comments below


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