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“Over My D.ead Body”— Catholic Priest Declares He’ll Never Give US President, Joe Biden, Holy Communion Unless He Repents Publicly (Videos)



A US Catholic priest has publicly condemned Catholics, who support abortion and go against other Catholic doctrines.

He categorically mentioned the Joe Biden, the United States president, disclosing that the president is opposed to all of the basic moral principles that are proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church.

He therefore added that over his body will he give Biden Communion, if he attends his Church, unless he repents publicly.

‘Even if you are pro-abortion but your ideas are not welcomed here and they would be given no quarter, the same with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a Catholic, he is a member of the family, if for some reasons, he will be in Buckeye,on Sunday, Joe Biden is welcome to come to mass here, his ideas are not welcomed here and if you asked me a follow-up question would you give him communion? No! over my body not until he repents, he is a public figure he needs to publicly repent and we have to pray for his conversion,’ Rev. Fr. William Kosco said

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