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‘Breaking Up Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Having S3x With Each Other, It’s The Hearts That Broke Up Not The Ge.nitals’— Lady Advises



A lady has dropped a controversial post on social media that has generated several reactions from users advising who have broke up to link up with exes.

The lady identified on twitter as Queen Preshiii @preshdeyforyou, tweeted that even after broke, the people should still be having s3x.

She went on to give her reason why they should continue sleeping with each other, disclosing that it is their hearts that are involved in the breakup not thier genitals.

She tweeted;

 ‘Breaking up doesn’t mean you should stop having s3x with each other, basically its the hearts that broke up not the genit.als’

See screenshot below


See people’s replies to her tweet below;

Daniel Regha @Daniel Regha replied
Normalise distancing urself when u break-up with ur partner so he or she can move on; It’s selfish for one to prey on their weakness. There’s more to life than sex; When a relationship fails, re evaluate urself, learn from the experience & use such knowledge to better urself…

Mr Regha’s Interpreter/Postinor 2 Of Esan replied
Oga Regha say make una try de avoid pesin weh una don break e heart o. Say na selfishness if u still de go knack am.

Abuja Sex Coach @Ami_secrets replied
Yes ooh, get that one person that knows how to do it well. Have been single but I’m still collecting it and it’s the best, the way he sucks my nipple with ice, tease me rub my clit, and gives me from behind enhata e just get high and suck each other, s.uck his balls lick her ears.

Capt Undapantz @Rexie_is_me replied
Just because I’m angry you doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fu.c.k It’s my mind that’s angry with you, not my

Alagba Ken @AlagbaKenneth replied. Break up is break up, except by disguise to cheat at the heart.

Mount kailk @Reecemount replied
Then you can have s3x with anyone anytime

Ira Prince replied
I cannot have s3x with a woman that I can not date,so when I broke up with a lady everything is over no more calling or texting,talkless of s3x, it’s a cheating for a man to be having sex with a woman you can not date or married

FAITH B. China Made Wife Material replied
When you’re not olosho

Ekong Socrates Alex @alexbch_ replied
Plz where are all my ex cum nd get it for free no more emotions attached.

HOD- @omooba_okin replied
Basically if we are not dating doesn’t mean we cannot knack ourselves. Who is in? •

gisJohn @Johnnysex189 replied
Nor forget I be your Ex oh come and show example in the Room 306 eke..

[email protected] replied
Prof this one no follow o, having s3x with ex after break up?


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