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Angry Taxi Driver Punches Colleague To Near Death With One Blow, During Argument (Video)



Nowadays, some people are not healthy anymore, therefore one has to look for a way to control his or her temper whenever he’s tempted not to engage in a serious argument that will lead to exchanging of physical blows.

A Taxi driver who couldn’t control his temper almost ended up having a dead man placed on his doorstep. stumbled on a trending video of a Taxi driver, who allegedly punched his colleague, a fellow taxi driver to almost death with just a blow during argument.

In the video which is currently circulating on social media, it showed two men reportedly to be Taxi drivers exchanging words which later led to exchange of physical blows before one punched the other to the extent that he nearly lost his life.

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As seen in the video, both drivers were spotted exchanging words, but at some point of the argument, they almost exchanged blows as well, but were separated by a security officer who was present at the moment, they were having the misunderstanding.

However, one of the Taxi drivers, who almost got killed, walked closer to the one who punched him to confront him.

The other Taxi driver in retaliation tried punching him which resulted in a physical duel between the two drivers. During their fight, a heavy blow landed on the chin of the near-dead driver, he fell flat on the floor and started jerking.

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Although it was not unclear if the video is current or not.

Watch the video below:

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