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If You Don’t Cheat On Your Man, He Will Never Respect You — Man Advises Ladies



A Nigerian man has caused stir on social media after he opined that when a woman cheats, it earns her respect, increases her man’s love towards her and make her man stronger

In a recent post shared by a social media user, Chuks Franklin, he urged ladies to cheat on their partners for at least once or more times, noting that it helps to increase the man’s love and as well as make him stronger.

Franklin, further added that, it is impossible for a man to respect his woman, if she has never for once cheated on him.

In his words:

If you don’t cheat on your guy, he will never respect you, my sister cheat once or twice on him just to make him strong and love you more.

His post has generated several reactions from many social media users as they took to the comment section of the post to blast him for making such statements.

Check out the reactions below:

Rosy Chibugo Angel: See your thinking that’s why you guys keep cheating over and over again on your woman because you guys see nothing wrong in it

Clement G-factor Oriaifo: Lol… Only fools will accept this advice… Go ahead and cheat… A man who knows himself will leave you instead..

Nwankwo Charles: 🤣 🤣 🤣 I thought the last idiot died a decade ago. Least do I know they left some of their offspring… 😃 Ndị ara..

Awe Patrick: Lazy woman’s thought… Why not try and earn more money than the guy… Then see the magic, men love and respect women who work smart with good cash inflow

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