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Any Lady Who Collects Transport Fare And Refused To Show Up, Risks 5 Years Jail Term — Police Warns



Society nowadays is becoming something different from how people used to know before, it is indeed becoming so hard that people who genuinely have love and care for others are always falling victim to those, who don’t value them, thereby making many to be afraid to believe that there is still true love.

According to the Ghana criminal code act 29 section 132, it is abnormal and defrauding for obtaining money from a man as transport fare and purposely refused to honour the visit and show up.

Based on the report gathered, a police officer has warned women, mostly young ladies who always collect money from men in a bid to visit them but will later refused to honour the invitation and made away with the money to stop the act, noting that it may lead them to spend up to five years in prison.

According to the Chief Inspector Amoah who disclosed this, he said that any lady who requests for transport fare through mobile transfer and the money was paid, but decides not to visit and also refused to refund the money, such lady can be dealt with according to the Ghana criminal code.

The law enforcer noted that a case can be filed against such person who engage on such act with reference to the act 29 section 132 of Ghana criminal code for defrauding by falsely obtaining money from men.

In his words:

“Dear men, if a lady tells you to send her money for transport to come over and you send her the cash and she decide not to visit you, and does not refund the money, you can refer to ACT 29 SECTION 132 of the criminal code and file a case of defrauding by false pretense against her.

She can be jailed for up to 5 years. Know your right my brother, and for some of the women be warned” the police officer noted.

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