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Newly Married Lady Finds Out Her Husband Who Refused To Take Her To His “Duplex” To Avoid Temptation During Dating, Stays In An Uncompleted Building



A story of a newly married lady who was shocked to discover that her newly married husband lives in an uncompleted building after telling her, he lived in a duplex while they was courting has emerged online.

The poster, Apostle Johnson Suleman, took to his twitter account to share the story and solicit tangible advice from his followers on the best possible way for the bride to go about  it.

The apostle explained that the man had always met the woman in public places but refused to take her to where he stayed. He lied to her that he stayed in a fully furnished duplex, but refused to take her home, because he was trying to avoid temptation and the lady thought it was a righteous man.

After their marriage, he eventually took the lady to his house and to the amazement of the lady, it is an uncompleted building.


Apostle Suleman tweeted:

 “A young man was engaged to a lady for 3yrs.They always met at eateries. He kept telling her that to avoid temptation,he wouldn’t to take her to his well furnished duplex. After marriage,she found out he was living in an uncompleted building. She wants to call it off. Advise.”

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