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Marrying And Taking Your Wife Abroad Is Risky — Man Advises



A Nigerian man has opined that it is not recommendable for any married man or a man planning to get married to think of flying his wife abroad with him.

In a recent post on social media shared by a user, he noted that a man taking his wife to overseas after getting married is most likely to be an ugly decision for the man, because the woman may change her mind and file a divorce which will eventually favour her.

According to him, nobody should blame Nigerian men abroad, who refused to travel with their wives abroad, because they have a reason, he said the women may get there and decide to change their mind and dump them, causing the men to lose their families.

Taken to Facebook page, he wrote:

Marrying and taking your wife abroad is risky, what if she divorce you there?

I don’t blame men who base in abroad while their wives are here, They don’t want to loose their family!

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