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Lady Cries Out After A Man She Is Meeting For The First Time Bought Her A Roll Of Undies And Has Been Asking If She Had Worn It



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to solicit advice on how to handle her current situation after her lover bought a roll of undies as a gift.

The lady who is currently in total confusion narrated how she met a man on Facebook and never wanted to meet with him at the moment, since she is still in school premises because she was afraid to meet with a stranger in the school.

She further added that the young man visited her on Valentine’s day and bought her a roll of pants as gift and ever since he left the school premises he has been disturbing her if she had worn the undies.

Read her story below:

I met a guy from this platform last year. Though we have never seen each but we only communicate on phone. I am 20years of Age. He told me he is 30years and wants a lasting relationship.

I am in school so this last Valentine, he promised coming to Delta where I school to see me. Initially I refused but at a time, my friends said they would cover my back. I later accepted for him to come.

Sir. Sincerely I didn’t demand anything from him. He just told me that he got some special present for me. When he arrived, I told my friends not to lose sight of me because I haven’t seen him in person before then. We actually stayed in the hotel for 3days.

Those three days, he wanted to touch me but I refused not because I don’t like him, but I don’t know what his plans are about. he bought me one pack of panties that is 6pieces. I was like wao! You didn’t see any other thing to buy for someone you are going to see for the first time except pant.

I was so shocked and that made me very conscious. Finally, he went back and since then, this guy has kept asking me if I have worn the pant and I said No. My fear is that he keeps asking if I have worn them on daily basis. I don’t know if this guy truly loves me or he is trying to do something very silly with my life?
I’m confused right now and I don’t know what to do.

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Relationship Talk

‘What Are Your Plans In Case No Man Marries You?’ — Man Quizzes Single Ladies (Read Funny Reactions)



A Nigerian man has shared a post on social media that has generated lots of reactions from users; mainly from single ladies.

The man identified as Gospower E. Benakiegha, asked single ladies their future plans, peradventure no man came to marry them.

Here’s what he wrote;

‘What are your plans in case no man marries you???’

His post attracted reactions from facebook users as they took to the comment section to express their opinions. Read reactions below

Kumane Tegamania commented

Marriage is not an achievement neither is marriage the sole or highest purpose of living on earth. Living a fulfilled life and impacting on your generation, touching lives is the sole purpose of living. If you are married or want to marry, is fine but pray to get married to the right person because some HUSBANDS ARE HORSEMEN and some WIVES ARE KNIVES, and if you end up with the wrong person, you will wish to be single again. Truth is some people are married but they are strangers in their marriages and MISERABLY PRETENDING. We should stop making women feel insecure because of marriage. Marriage doesn’t complete or validate a woman.

Faith Oyovwi commented

If I start to count sisters wey don die for marriage u go surprise, sisters wey dey regret deir marriage na im plenty pass, marriage nowadays na women dey pay d groomprice, some still dey pay debt wey Dem take marry.

Now to my sweetest sisters, marriage is good but it’s not a ticket to peace, it’s not a ticket to heaven. Nor let anybody taunt u bcos of marriage, God’s timing is never late and besides u should become a boss lady dat dose guys will flock around and marry, if marriage nor come, look for way born pikin and leave ur life.

Eniola Esther Emmanuel commented

No be every body go marry but 95% go born and things go stew if money come join. Marriage no guarantee peace of mind, do what you find joy in and you’re good to go.Many women are single moms and still living.

Tovia John commented
What if any woman no gree marry

Irene Aile commented
This is crazy!

Usie Augustine commented
This is hilarious

Okechukwu Okoye commented
I too like this group

Joslyne Chidera commented
Ha, God forbid oo. Man must marry me in Jesus name.

Tasha’s Dieryy commented
I will drink snipper and die .

Ogbo Sheriff commented
Some question are better not ask because to Mr poster its like a joke but to many people its like wishing them evil, we should stop joking with matters of the heart

Justice Waboh commented
It cuts both ways men can also experience it I dont think there’s is for bad language here

Ogbo Sheriff commented
Some question are better not ask because to Mr poster its like a joke but to many people its like wishing them evil, we should stop joking with matters of the heart

Onome Paul Lewis commented
Is marriage an achievement?

Akeme Sarah commented
What are your own plans in case no woman agree to marry you.

Edafe Idoghor commented
Put yourself together,all women are ordained for marriage.your character, arrogance and family curses that can separate you from marriage.

Queennet lgben commented
Am I depend ing on a to marry me to live my God given life?

Sire Godwin Zebeta commented
Help me ask UCHENNA

Blacky Berry Kemi commented
Na to b reveren sister na

Omasan Morris commented
If no man Marry me….i go marry man….

Alexandra Maggie Gorleh commented
Wahala be like wetin again

Akporode Omoluwabi commented
Look for who I will do contract with.just for her to give me a child.then pay her off

Ukeh Igho commented
U re a failure and this questions should be for all d female in ur family including ur mother cos I’m sure she was never married and u were a bastard.

Vivian Ahukanna commented
God forbid not for me, because I must marry weader my village people like it or not is a must, what God cannot do doesn’t exist.






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