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5 Months After She Broke Up With Me, I Found Out My Girlfriend Of 6 Years Has Been Cheating On Me — Heartbroken Man Narrates



A heartbroken man has taken to social media to solicit advice on how to deal with the situation he is currently passing through in his relationship.

According to him, he met a young lady at his place of work and they both started a serious relationship which ended up with a kid and they were living happily together.

After some years of staying together as lovers, his girlfriend woke up and decided to end the relationship stating reason that she wanted to be alone and plan for her future, but unknown to him, she had gotten another boyfriend outside the relationship.

Few weeks after the break up, he discovered that the lady has been cheating on him even before she broke up with him.


Read his story below;

So, here’s a bit of backstory. We met 6 years ago at work and started going out not long after meeting. We ended up having a kid pretty quickly (happy accident) 2 years away we brought our first home with money I inherited from my dad. All seemed well up to this point…

So the break up it’s self. A week or so into January we were just done watching TV and about to go to bed, before we do she says we need to talk. No one likes hearing this and I immediately freak out.
She says she feels like we’re drifting apart and never talk anymore. I was very confused about this as we see each other every day and talk all the time. She brought up a few points, some of which were fair. Others not so much.

We’ve been engaged for 4 years and she felt like we were never going to get married. Fair point but we had both agreed to focus on doing up the house and wanted to wait for our son to be a bit older.

She wants more kids but felt like I didn’t. Not true at all, I don’t know why she thinks I wouldn’t like more kids, I’ve always been open to it.

She wants to buy a bigger house one day but thinks I’m too comfortable in our current home. Who doesn’t want a bigger house? But at the minute our current one suits us fine.

I don’t help around the house enough. This is a very valid point. I’ve been so lazy the past year, somewhat due to Covid constantly being on my mind (I’m an essential worker.) But obviously I can’t blame it all on that.

I’ve not been doing DIY around the house as much. The first 2 years in this house I used all my holiday time to get stuff done but she’s had complaints about everything I’ve touched. Instead of wasting time and money on doing it myself I’ve been saving money to get it done professionally. Plus with the house never being empty due to covid, getting DIY done isn’t the easiest.

I don’t make enough effort with her friends. I don’t think that was a fair point. Some of her friends I’ve only met at party’s and stuff, some of them haven’t been the nicest to me but I’ve always made an effort with her best friend.

Anyway, after the talk she sleeps on the couch and in the morning goes to her mums. She plans to stay awhile and packs a few things. I spend the whole day a mess while trying to look after our son. Around 6/7PMI get a text saying she’s coming home to see our kid and have a talk with him to get a text saying she’s coming home to see our kid and have a talk with me. Obviously I’m nervous.
She gets home, I ask if she wants to talk. She says let’s talk after then little one goes to bed. I just ask if we’re OK. She says yes.

We put our son to bed and have a talk about everything bugging her. She says we’re OK but we needed to have that talk, says she might need to still spent some time with her mum. I agree to do better, we hug in it out and make up. Watch TV and go to bed, at this point I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours so I’m feeling pretty good and get a good night’s sleep.

So over the next few days things seem mostly normal, she spends time with her mum in the evenings some times which is fine. I’m still feeling on each and anxious everytime but want to let her do what she needs to

So one day I’m at work, just about to finish then I get a text from her asking if I can make my own way home because she’s having dinner with her mum. I say OK I’ll meet you at home later. I can already tell something isn’t right, I get half way home and get a gut feeling that there will be a letter waiting for me when I get home…

I was right. There was a letter sitting on the bed. A load of her stuff was gone including her work stuff. The letter said stuff like ‘I do love you and care about but I don’t know how I feel about you romantically maybe I’ll regret this one day. Stuff like that. I ring her in panic, ask her to come talk with me, tells me things like I deserve better. Says she’s sorry. The usual break up stuff. She pops over to drop our son off we talk a little but she leaves.

The next couple of days I’m a huge mess. I reach out to family and friends but there isn’t a lot they can do with the way things are at the minute. I ask her to come round and talk with me and she does. I ask for a confirmation that’s she ending things with me and she says she thinks it’s best to end things for now.
This is where I get confused. She ends out relationship but says she doesn’t know what she wants and wants time and space to get her head sorted. She says she doesn’t want to give me false hope but keeps saying things to suggest we could end up back together. Over the next few weeks we have a few talks and arguments. All ending in the same sort of we’re done but maybe not forever sort of way.

Before I get to the next part, here’s some context. I had a phone call from my nan asking if she had met someone else. I said no, there’s no way. She’s not like that. I’ve always trusted her but it but the doubt in my mind. I saw see was up late at night on WhatsApp and was wondering who she would be talking too? Seeing as she said she wanted to be alone right now. I tried no to let it bug me but couldn’t get it out my head.

Fast forward to last weekend. I was in a bad place and had to ring 111. Tasked her to pick up our son and she did. She got to my place and refused to leave me in the state I was, so see asked her mum to pick up our son. I can understand why she didn’t want to leave but having her there while I was on the phone with 111 was not helping me. I had a moment of weakness and asked to borrow her phone, she let me and I checked her WhatsApp and there was the confirmation. She’d been cheating on me. I even guessed the guy. I felt so angry and betrayed. I was willing to do anything to fix out family and this whole time she had been lying to me.

She refused to call it cheating as they haven’t been physical yet. But she admitted to having feelings for him while still with me. Which in my eyes is cheating. She starts saying she tried to stop having these feelings for me but couldn’t. Said she felt crazy for having feelings for someone she’s only talked to through Facebook. I offer her one last chance, I said I’ll forget this whole thing and won’t tell anyone, all she had to do was say sorry and slow things down. Didn’t even say she had to stop talking with this guy. Just slow things down. She didn’t even want to do that. She said she didn’t want or deserve my forgiveness.

The next day we have another argument over the phone while I’m walking to her place. I get to hers, I’ve calmed down and said I’m done arguing. I tell her all the plans I’ve made to do with or without her but it all seems to go in one ear and out the other. Haven’t really spoken to her since.

So thats the story. Any advice would be great because I really don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like after all this I shouldn’t want her back. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say i wasn’t sure. How do I move on from this? How do I get used to living by myself? How do I pay a mortgage by myself on a low payed job?

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Relationship Talk

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