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SHOCKER!! Lady Dumps Boyfriend For Being Too Kind



A Nigerian lady has reported dumped her kindhearted boyfriend after being so kind to her and her family, according to a series of screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation.

According to the lengthy chat, the lady named Chioma has been dating the guy for two years and the guy has been the one taking care of her and her family financially, with the intention of making her his wife, only for Chioma to chat him up one day and disclosed to him, that she never really loved him.

She revealed to him, that she had a boyfriend when he was coming for her, but only had to agreed to be his lover, because she saw that he was rich enough to take care of the financial challenges of her struggling family.

Read their WhatsApp conversation

Many Twitter users reacted to the post. While many outrightly condemned the action of the lady, few appraised her for boldly telling the man on time instead of getting married to him without having any iota of feeling. Below are some comments under the post.

augiemoment @Augusta Cookey1 Commented

This is wicked and heartless of the lady. Where are those people that were angry when one guy broke up with his babe of nine months because he wasn’t attracted to her? Come and be angry at this lady too oh! Last last she was an oil digger


Mark Don @_odasani Commented

This is no news. Normal formular of ladies. Many have suffered same fate, and many will continue to suffer it.


Uru Dị Ya (BLAQ CØFFEE) @Cassbe… Commented

Well, it’s a terrible thing to do but I still feel like she did the best thing by telling him the truth b4 committing to a lifetime of deceit with him. She’s hurt him with the truth and I sure know that he’d get over it soon. Yes, she led him on for 2yrs but I’d take dat over


SLANG @deniyix4000 Commented

The root of DNA ish, I know 2 years isn’t a joke but the guy should be happy she told him she doesn’t love him now than marrying her and in the end, then the kids are not his in the nearest future. He’s just 33, he should count this as another lesson learned life goes on


Hussein Akinsola @General_Husayn Commented

You all keep mentioning the guy should be happy and all, others admiring the girls boldness for owning up to her mistakes. Does that make it right? Does that make up for the time lost or the funds down the drain? But anyway, we move.


The Zionite @The_Zionite Commented

She’d better be ready for what is coming her way with that her boyfriend that allows her to date Ben for his money for 2yrs because from this chat, it’s like the boyfriend might be aware of her family’s helper.


Sebastine Blessed @SebastineBless1 Commented

No guy can plan this, allow my girlfriend date another man for money? No it’s never done


Bamy Rash @bamy_rash Commented

My Mum will always say” it’s better a man loves you more” this lady would have enjoyed this relationship but we will always be stupid to love the wrong ones that treat us like shit!!! She messed up big time… you lost a good one.


Manuel @Manuelmiles Commented

Just like that? After 2yrs?? Only if this guy is not a Nigerian or he’s extremely rich…omo their whole family for don hear am..Azin this is hurting.. or maybe the Gist is fake…cos nobody will let go like that.


Ade_Bukky @ADEBUKOLAADEKU5 Commented

After 2 years, lady… God will punish you and you will meet your own waterloo. You will be jilted, duped of love, used and sucked dry like you wasted his time. You will experience way worse than what you did to him. In Allah’s name I pray. Amin


Mr Praus @abili8. Commented

But she begged and told him reasons why even adding “ashamed and guilty of his voice” i think thats a decent way any girl could try being racked by guilt. Lets try and understand than be bitter, it pays back good sir.


Bamy Rash @bamy_rash Commented

Most of the time. 70% of ladies that agreed to date or have sex with a man is using that man one way or the other


King Leo Shorlex @awoniyishola Commented

She did well TBH… What if she marry him and the children are not his??? DNA issue will start all over… I will advice him not to see it as regret but as a lesson learnt early and in the hard way… Good luck 95


Mark Don @_odasani  Commented

She didn’t do shi.! She only did so after getting what she wanted, or it was possible the guy was going to find out himself sooner or later. They kill themselves fast when they realize they’re about to be killed . Normal formular


Amarachi @aregbe22757533 Commented
Most women deserve the treatment they get from men….no cap……that is exactly what is called goldigging….cos he has money? A woman dat can’t cope with her man financial capacity will sleep with every man with money…

Lord Arrab @LordArrab Commented

Lol… I’m here waiting for any girl to support or say nonsense. Women don’t deserve 700 love, I repeat no NIGERIAN woman deserve 100% love and care. Anyway., I’m glad she said it earlier, she’s lucky that dude is indeed kind, if na me L. O. L



Max-steel @chiboy2313 Commented

A jobless lady is a hellish liability. A gold digger will always remain one. A lady who cherishes nothing good from a honest heart will only ruin you.A guy who gives his GF/family money is terribly cursed. A guy who would accept such lady back will suffer.


Son-of-God @drealvilly Commented

Bottom line is: help someone if you want to, helping her family is not wrong to me but the lady not being honest with the guy from onset is my problem, “she’s wicked”


Noni akins @NoniAkins Commented

This babe could have quietly dumped the main guy and continue with this one that is doing everything for her family real mumulatu, if you ask her now the main guy doesn’t do jack for her!!!






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Let A Lawyer Be There Anytime Your Boyfriend Gives You Gifts, So He Should Sign He Wouldn’t Take Back The Gifts After Breakup — Blogger Laura Ikeji Advises Ladies



Blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji-Kanu has shared her opinion on the current trend of men taking back the gifts they gave to their girlfriends after break up.

Videos are emerging steadily online of men taking back the gifts they gave their lovers after their relationship ended. Only recently, a South African businessman stormed the house, he built for his girlfriend with an excavator and brought it down after his girlfriend broke up with him. Read HERE

In a video Laura shared online, she stated that it is right for women to collect gifts from men and suggested to ladies to get a lawyer just to be there, whenever their boyfriends give them a gift, so the boyfriends can sign that they won’t collect back the gifts even if they broke up.

In her words, she said;

”I feel like it is our right as women to collect gifts….From our husbands and our boyfriends, it our right to collect these gifts.  

Now these days that these guys are beginning to collect their gifts back, we need to do something about it. There must be an emergency meeting. We need to do something about it.

My opinion is before you get gifts from these guys, your boyfriend of that moment, I think you should get a pen and paper and get a lawyer because you gat to sign and tell him this gift is mine forever…anything you give me is mine forever regardless of what happened so that these guys will not come and be embarrassing us and disgracing us outside. You gat to sign. If you buy me a car, sign. If you buy me a house, sign so you wouldn’t come and break my house one day”

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