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“My 2-Year-Old Baby That I Abandoned With His Dad, Is Now A King” — Woman Cries Out



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A Nigerian woman identified as Ngozi has lamented bitterly over the way she mistreated her husband and her little baby, when he was just two years old.

According to her, she abandoned the baby at the tender age of two, because she thought marriage was not necessary and also a bondage to her, so she had to leave in order to have fun with her life as she wanted.

Ngozi narrated how her ex husband used to pamper her, but she took it for granted and was misled by her close friend, who told her there was more life to enjoy being single and free.

In her words;

My name is Ngozi, i was married to this man long ago, at the beginning of our marriage, things were moving fine, my husband used to pamper me a lot, he made sure i never lacked anything even when things seems not going well with him.

There’s this lady that used to visit me, i met her in the saloon and we became friends, too close that everyone thought we were blood sisters, never knew she had a secret plan to destroy my marriage.

Unfortunately i fell for her plan the moment she started telling not be following my husband’s instructions since i was the one providing for family after he lost his job.

When things became worse, she introduced me to other men and then i started hooking up with them, there, disobedience followed, to the extent that my husband was the one doing all the house chores even when I was around.

When all these were happening, my husband never raised his voice or hit me, all he did is to always beg and advice me to quit the lifestyle so i could take care of our little baby but i never listened, whenever he came up with the advice, i would always pick up quarrel with him.

One day i woke up and decided to leave home, so i could see and enjoy my life like other women. That early morning when i parked my luggages, i saw my little baby crying and wanted to follow me, truly i love my baby but the decision had already been made and i can’t go back anymore.

Many years later a friend of mine who saw me in the market, told me that my son is now a king and walks around with heavy security officers, i couldn’t hold back my tears because i don’t know where and how to start apologising to my husband and my son.

I’m totally confused, please what should i do?


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Relationship Talk

Let A Lawyer Be There Anytime Your Boyfriend Gives You Gifts, So He Should Sign He Wouldn’t Take Back The Gifts After Breakup — Blogger Laura Ikeji Advises Ladies



Blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji-Kanu has shared her opinion on the current trend of men taking back the gifts they gave to their girlfriends after break up.

Videos are emerging steadily online of men taking back the gifts they gave their lovers after their relationship ended. Only recently, a South African businessman stormed the house, he built for his girlfriend with an excavator and brought it down after his girlfriend broke up with him. Read HERE

In a video Laura shared online, she stated that it is right for women to collect gifts from men and suggested to ladies to get a lawyer just to be there, whenever their boyfriends give them a gift, so the boyfriends can sign that they won’t collect back the gifts even if they broke up.

In her words, she said;

”I feel like it is our right as women to collect gifts….From our husbands and our boyfriends, it our right to collect these gifts.  

Now these days that these guys are beginning to collect their gifts back, we need to do something about it. There must be an emergency meeting. We need to do something about it.

My opinion is before you get gifts from these guys, your boyfriend of that moment, I think you should get a pen and paper and get a lawyer because you gat to sign and tell him this gift is mine forever…anything you give me is mine forever regardless of what happened so that these guys will not come and be embarrassing us and disgracing us outside. You gat to sign. If you buy me a car, sign. If you buy me a house, sign so you wouldn’t come and break my house one day”

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