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“You Don’t Need Jesus To Be Rich, There Are Rich Married People Who Don’t Know Or Believe In God” — Father Oluoma Says



Nigerian catholic priest, Rev Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John, has said that one does not need Jesus in one’s life to become rich.

The preacher cum motivational speaker made this revelation during a Sunday sermon with his members in Abuja.

According to Fr. Oluoma, there are many rich people, happily married with children yet they don’t know Jesus, he noted that it’s not a must that one who knows Jesus or believes in him must be wealthy or successfully married with children.

He further said that people were rich before Jesus came and people were also rich without Jesus.

In his words;

“People were rich before Jesus came and people are still rich without jesus, so therefore, you don’t need Jesus to be rich, There are many rich people who don’t believe in Christ.

“You don’t need Jesus to be wealthy, you don’t need Jesus to marry, you also don’t need Jesus to give birth, you don’t need Jesus for all of these because these are things that were there before he came.

Whether you’re believer or unbeliever, it has nothing to do with being rich or not, It’s the blessings that comes from the that’s responsible for the human development and progress, wether it’s in the scientific arena or any where, salvation is what makes a difference between believers and non believers”, he said.

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Women Spread Their Wrappers On The Floor For Prophet Odumeje To Walk On (Watch Video)



A video currently trending online has shown the moment some ladies believed to be members of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry decided to give their founder and pastor, Prophet Odumeje, a royal welcome to the church premises.

The founder of the church, Prophet Odumeje could be seen walking majestically amidst praises from the women, as they spread their wrappers on the floor for him to walk on.

In appreciation, the Prophet occasionally threw monies on the floor for the ladies.


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