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“Any Pastor Who Doesn’t Condemn Women Wearing Trousers…Is A Messenger Of Satan” — Nigerian Pastor Reveals



Mr Mekaowulu Izuchukwu, a Nigerian man on Facebook has outlined some important ways, one can identify a fake man of God.

Mr Izuchukwu who is a pastor, as shown in many of his photos on facebook, took to his page to urge Christians to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing when it comes to who they call their spiritual head, in other words, their pastor

Pastor Mekaowulu Izuchukwu


According to him, a pastor who doesn’t see anything wrong with women wearing men’s clothing like trousers or dress indecently and doesn’t preach against it, is fake and is a messenger of Satan.

He also went further to reveal that another way of identifying a fake pastor is, if he or she doesn’t  preach against pornography and gambling.

He concluded that such pastors are not genuine pastors called by God but messengers of Satan, propagating the message of their master, Satan the devil.

Lady wearing a pair of trousers

In his opinion, trousers are for men and any woman seen wearing a pair of trousers has sinned and if the pastor of such woman can’t caution her or preach against it, the pastor is not of God but a messenger of Satan.

The second thing, he mentioned is pornography, which has escalated ever since access to the internet became easy and made it easier for any one to have access to the very many sites on the internet from anywhere conveniently thereby increasing want of intercourse and in other forms and for Izuchukwu,any pastor who doesn’t condemn it, is a messenger of Satan.

Lastly, he mentioned gambling, he simply implies that gambling is a sin against God and a gambler is a sinner. So if the gambler’s pastor doesn’t preach against it that means the pastor supports it and therefore he or she is a messenger of Satan.

In summary according to Mekaowulu Izuchukwu’s post, a true man of God must never condole but outrightly condemn women wearing trouser or dress indecently, those who are gamblers, the ones who watch porn and any other forms of worldliness.


He wrote;

Any pastor that doesn’t condemn women wearing trouser and all indecent dresses, porn and gambling etc,is a messenger of Satan.

See screenshot of his post below


As usual, it attracted various reactions from Facebook users, below are some reactions.

Ozichi Etunwoke replied

All these fake, ignorant and illiterate preachers that will not study the Bible properly causing confusion everywhere..???… Preach JESUS!… HIS FINISHED WORK ON THE CROSS AND THE LOVE OF GOD… and you will see genuine repentance in people… WHAT defiles a Man is what is inside him, words of Jesus, put JESUS inside a Man and see the GENUINE CHANGE IN HIS LIFE… PREACH JESUS!!! TO THE WORLD!


Okoye Odinaka Marky Ozichi Etunwoke replied

they have forgotten.


Onwumere Ogbonna Chukwuemeka replied

Which dress did the bible recommend for girls? In cold regions like Canada,what do you think a girl should wear? Trouser,skirt or wrapper? During the days of Moses, men were wearing gowns and head scarfs. No one is encouraging indecent like mini skirts to church that will cause distractions to men in the church. In the sight of God it is a sin,but I am not against ladies wearing decent and well down trousers. I admire female bankers on trousers and clean top. Many women in the villages that wear the so called wrapper and headscarf are known to be involved in so many forms of adultery. We can’t remove the place of dressing,but mist importantly is the heart.


Ikeji Chidozie Shinkafi replied

All of you condemning trousers you all don’t read the Bible at all


Okorie Lovelyn replied

Mad oooo0000000o


Iheanyichukwu Mbaka replied

Condemn urself because u don’t have power to condemn people


Ugochukwu lgbomara replied

You want to stop them from paying tithe and sowing of seeds thereby turning them poor?


Nwabueze Isaac replied

He is right


Joseph Uchenna Igah replied

Truth is bitter


Angel Okafor replied

Trouser and mini skirt which one is now better??


Chizurum Rita Angel Okafor replied None..


Mekaowulu Izuchukwu Angel Okafor replied

none of the above.


Ogechi Nwosu replied

No one i said no one


Anukwe Chukwuemeka replied

Who be this one?



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