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“Na ‘Yahoo Boy’ Girlfriend, See Her Face, She’s One Of Them” — Lady Recounts Her Experience With SARS In 2010



A Nigerian lady with the name Kemi Quadri-Bello has shared the experience she had with the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, known as SARS, back in the year 2010, after her graduation.

The beautiful lady on twitter, with the handle @khemie200 revealed how SARS operatives picked her in front of the Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LUTH), as she was waiting for a taxi that will take her to her destination, days after her graduation from the University.

Read her story below:

“Finally summoned courage to share my SARS story: One day back in 2010, SARS picked me up in front of Luth while I was waiting for a cab.
I just graduated from Uni and it was a few days to induction(graduation). I came to LUTH to sort out my induction gown.

We lived off ogunlana drive back then. My dad called me that he wanted to come pick me up cos he was feeling a certain kind of way about my safety

and I was like “daddy luth to ogunlana is a stone throw, I’m a big girl now, let me take a cab .. see you soon, love you!” As soon as we hung up, my phone battery died…..

While waiting for the cab in front of luth, these SARS guys came with their bus. They picked me up along with some other guys and threw me into their bus. They immediately started saying “Na yahoo yahoo boy girlfriend see her face, she’s one of them”.

I was in shock. Gun pointed at me. I started crying , “sir I’m not a yahoo boy’s girlfriend, I’m a Doctor I just graduated i came for my gown”
I was screaming and crying. They asked for my phone, the battery was dead and they asked me why I put it off…

they said I was hiding something. Unfortunately I had no ID on me but I had the receipt for the gown which I showed them…. The receipt of the graduation gown I showed them made absolutely no difference.

Two of them started using the bottom of their guns to hit me, I was Screaming and crying. Some of the other guys in the bus were also being dealt with but I think it’s my screams and cries that irritated them so much that they started beating me.

When we got to ojuelegba, they threw me out of the fast moving bus. I had nothing on me, I walked from Ojuelegba to Ogunlana, crying and wailing.

I was just glad they dropped me, I was happy they didn’t shoot me or take me somewhere to harm me. I was one of the lucky ones. …. by the way this event happened around 2pm in the afternoon…

I still remember the beating!!! Hurt like hell.. I was just in my early 20s. I still have PTSD from the events of that day. It was a few days to my induction after 6years in school and these guys could have just ended my life for absolutely no reason. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality

It’s sad. It was then I understood why my father always prayed for each one of us every morning before going out. It was then I understood why my dad dropped and picked me up everyday from school everyday till I graduated from Uni.#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality

The man was always scared of so many uncertainties. All I thought then was he was being over protective….. we need to #EndSARS  #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSWAT #EndSarsNow #sorosoke

I’ve tried everyday of my life to suppress this memory like it never happened. That’s why it’s taken so long to share my story….

Reading people’s stories now, I realized. I was very lucky. I had bruises but not gunshot wound… now I don’t want my children going through this. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARSImmediately.” she noted.


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A lady identified as Tashi Mkhabela on twitter has finally opened up about her experience, after she used her period blood as a face skin care.

Tashi who also claimed that the blood has no weird smell only that it dries fast on the face. She also gave the timing, which she said should be from 15-20 minutes before the blood could be washed off.

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View her tweet here:

What are your thoughts on this? How on earth will one feel comfortable applying blood on her face? Please like and share this post and don’t forget to subscribe to our site for more updates.

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