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Mechanic Shocked After A Girl He Met On Facebook Shows Up At His Workshop(Photos)



Beautiful photos of two unusual lovers are currently trending on social media in a wonderful love story.

The Ugandan lovers are currently trending, after the man, who is a car mechanic, sent some money to the girl he met on Facebook, and she surprisingly showed up.

A Facebook user, who shared the photos revealed that mechanic met the girl on the platform, got acquainted with her and sent her money for transport to come see him, thinking she won’t come, but to his surprise and the astonishment of everyone around, she showed up.

In the photos, they were holding hands even though the man still looked unconvinced but the lady seemed very happy to met him

The poster identified as Bebe Gal, uploaded the photos below




As she wrote;

“Makanika sent transport thinking she won’t come. He can’t believe she turned up”

See screenshot of her post on Facebook below.

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The post attracted reactions and comments. Below are some comments

Josiah Shadrach commented Oh my goodness!!!😍😳 That’s means she truly cares for the guy for her to turn up because isn’t every girl can do that

Nephew Denis Joelz Mabonga commented Sometimes you just have to take some risks, you never know which one will get back to you

Oba-Ilumeji Gabriel Aremu Ayokusibe commented It’s more of a pre-wedding photoshoot… You can’t see the person behind the camera. Though the story might be so, but these particular photos are planned.

Ade Simon Ukor commented Selfish individuals. You are asking for the lady’s username on Facebook, so that you can play your useless game on her right???

I believe while she was on her way to that mechanic workshop, with her look and pretty self, she must have met different guys with cars offering a lift, with good reasons enough not to go to the mechanic workshop.

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But she did not loss her focus. She was determined to meet this young man.

And she found him. So let her be with her man.  Her right choice. Let the guy worship and care for her. It’s not all about where you work, or who your parents are, or your connection.  It’s about true love, understand and caring, the honest individual that makes you happy and make you feel comfortable. My face lighten up with beautiful smiles when I read the message. I wish you both beautiful life together.

Simon from Nigeria




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Moment Of Jubilation As Woman Welcomes Triplets After 9 Years Of Marriage



A Nigerian woman is currently in a happy mood as God has finally remembered and blessed her with a set of triplets after nine years of being childless.

According to earlier reports by a LinkedIn user identified as Dr. Ken G Morka, he made the announcement of the woman who had been on her knees praying for the fruit of the womb for almost a decade.

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Dr Ken noted that the happy mother called on people to join and celebrate with her after being blessed with two beautiful girls and a bouncing baby boy.

See photos below:

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