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Married Woman Abandons Husband And Children, Runs Away With Yahoo Boy



A married Nigerian woman(name withheld) has abandoned her husband and children and ran away with an allegedly Yahoo Yahoo boy— Nigerian slang for internet fraudster in Osubi near Warri,  Delta State.

According to a neighbor, she has been happily married to her husband for about 9years with two beautiful daughters and their marriage was going on well.

The marriage took a new turn after the man,who was an offshore staff lost his job in the month of March 2020 and almost immediately the woman’s behaviour changed towards him because he wasn’t able to provide the way he used to, when he had a paying job.

Not being a lazy type and to meet up with the financial responsibilities of his family, the husband  ventured in transportation and started using a car to convey passengers from Warri in Delta State to Lagos and sometimes to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, just to increase his income.

While he was striving hard, day and night in highways just to take care of his family, unknown to him, his lovely wife was having an illicit affair with their neighbor, a young man who is an alleged internet fraudster.

Trouble started after the man had a fight with the wife over the wife not taking proper care of their two children as she used to when he was away on his transport business.

After the incident, the man thought the issue was settled, left for his transport business the next day. He conveyed passengers from Warri to Abuja, only to return home two days later, to discover that his wife has parked out of the house with her entire luggage along with their two daughters.

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Several attempts by the husband to reach her did not yield any result as she refused to take all her calls and so the man drove to her family’s house to see if he could meet her there.

Fortunately and unfortunately for him,  he met their two daughters there but couldn’t find his wife and when he inquired about his wife’s whereabout from the wife’s mother, she told him that the wife came and kept the children with them.

The mother went further by saying that the wife only told her that the children came to spend holidays with grandma and grandpa. She left immediately and never told them if she had or didn’t have a quarrel with him(the husband) or not.

So the husband together with the wife’s family started to search everywhere for her for over a month.

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While they were still searching for her, the fraudster whom she has illicit relationship with, has completed his house in another location within the period they were searching for her.

In the evening of September 17th 2020, news reached the husband and the wife’s family that some people saw the fraudster teaching the runaway wife how to drive and also confirmed that both of them were living together in the new house of the alleged fraudster.

According to an insider, he said, he has been suspecting the affair of both of them as far as last year, 2019, when he saw the woman one day, coming out from the fraudster apartment very early in the morning wearing just a flimsy night gown and that incident made him to warn his wife to stay away from the woman because he knew the woman was responsible.

As at the time of filing this report, the brothers of the wife are mobilising on how to go and deal with the fraudster and their assumed irresponsible sister for bringing shame and disgrace to their family’s name.


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Man Who Used To Sell Yogurt, Finally Becomes A Nursing Student, After 9 Years Of Successfully Passing BECE (Photos)



A young Ghanaian man who was known as a yogurt seller finally breaks the yoke as he becomes a Nursing student, after many years of struggling for financial help.

The man identified as Adom-Ba was said to have been known for selling yogurt after he sat for the BECE in 2012 and passed but had no money or help to continue his education.

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The zeal and love for education made him relocate to stay with his mum, where he got a job at a restaurant and other part time jobs.

According to Abandaily, who reported the news first, Adom-Ba Lucky is currently a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at Pentecost University, PU, in Sowutuom, Accra, under a scholarship by the Church of Pentecost, Tema Area.

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