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Most Wealthy People Have Everything Except Time For Themselves — Shehu Sani



Senator Shehu Sani has lectured wealthy people about life and the very essence of living.


Shehu Sani, who is an author, a human right activist  and the president of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria made a post on his facebook account lamenting how his wealthy friends spend their lives accumulating so much wealth which they barely settle down to enjoy


Shehu Sani

In his opinion, he enjoined them to take a closer look at life to understand its true meaning and to be conscious of each passing day, as the clock for each person ticks.

Shehu Sani,  took to his facebook page and wrote;

I have visited the expensive Homes of many of my Big friends and these are my few findings;They have well stocked library but no time and composure to read;They have a Standard swimming pool but no time to swim;They have many cars but always driven in the bullet proof one;They have home Gardens but no time for home picnic.They have all kinds of food on the table,but can only eat the one recommended by their Doctors.They have the most expensive phones but the app they know how to use are few.They have the best of gym but hardly in use.They have a Tennis Court but are hardly there.They have everything except time for themselves.And the clock ticks for Everyman and his vanities.

Most of Shehu Sani’s friends on facebook loved the post. Below are some of their replies/comments

Zipporah Kakaki replied
Life is too short,sometimes it’s just good to take a
deep breath and just thank God for the gift of life

Ibrahim Umar replied
Of course we keep on acquiring things we don’t even
need/check our wardrobes and shoe rack so many
unused for decades it’s a lamentable situation human
beings by nature very greedy till the final dust cover
our faces we wont change this useless acquiring
mentality but the earlier the better for us .


Abdulazeez lbrahim replied
That’s the greediness of man. If only the better the life of the less privilege it would have been better.
Poverty would have been reduced. All social vices
would’ve been reduced, but alas they prefer to amass
what would become useless for them and their kids.
People should take a lesson from the house built by
Mederibe and they would not that the world and what
is there in it is VANITY.

Jackson Mwalulu replied
We build nice houses but are hardly home. When
home, we spend most time outdoors in the gazebo or
under trees.. On point. Very awakening.

Noah Ebije replied
Only a poet can make this type of observations. What
a stark reality. My Senator Poet keep it up. Nobody
can shave Shehu in his absence. I like the sanity in


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Life style

Na Taxi Dem Wan Make This Babe Dey Drive? — Lady Asks After Miss Igala Nigeria Was Spotted Receiving A Car Award (Photos)


on has stumbled on a hilarious and yet interesting comment from a young lady, who took to the comment section of a post shared on social media as a lady was receiving a car prize she won as Miss Igala Nigeria.

According to the photos, which is currently circulating on social media, the Miss Igala could be seen alongside her friends receiving the car award from a man suspected to be one of the organizers.

The photos of the car have sparked several reactions from many social media users as they took to comment section of the post to blast the organizers of the contest for not giving her a good looking car, but a taxi.

See the photos below:

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