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As An Igbo Lady, If You Can’t Pound Akpu, You’re Not Ready For Marriage — Man Says



A Nigerian man, obviously from Igbo tribe, identified as Onyema Udeh has stirred up reactions on social media after his controversial post on Facebook.

Onyema, in one of his recent posts, in a Facebook group, urged eligible unmarried ladies of Igbo extract to be sure that they can be able to process and pound “Akpu” or Fufu before they think of getting married.


Onyema Udeh

In his opinion, any Igbo lady who is not yet married and can not process and pound “Fufu” should not be thinking of settling down.

Fufu in Nigeria is made mainly from cassava. It is a stable food for some tribes in Nigeria especially the Igbos and it can be be used to eat different delicious Nigerian soups. The Igbos call it “Akpu” or “Loiloi” and it is one of their favourite foods.



Taking to facebook, Onyema Udeh wrote

You can’t process and pound Akpu as an Igbo lady and you said you are ready for marriage?

Check the screenshot of his post

His post generated a lot of reactions and comments. Below are some replies to his post

Cha-cha Uche replied                                           Pounding akpu is that the criteria for marriage?


Amaka Ugboja replied                                                     How we go do am nau


Carly Joan replied                                                                   If pounding akpu is a criteria for marriage then by all means your marriage is doomed. Nonsense


Daniel Amadi replied                                                             My friend, you are very funny for such remark, lemme just assume you were joking but if you are not then it’s very funny but if a lady who can process and pound akpu is your spec then it’s ok but you don’t need to generalise it because so other men have their own attributes they are looking for in a woman they want to marry


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Theresa Chidinma Ibegbu replied                                 No be only pound akpu. I CAN


Joseph Onyekwu replied                                              Tell me.something


Chidinma Ojinnaka replied                                                 So you want people that sell akpu to go outta business? it’s not good na


Chriscyndy Ifedi replied                                           Though i can do it,but please is knowing how to process & pound akpu,is it a criteria of been a good wife or a ticket for marriage? Who the akpu help self


Chidimma Orabueze replied                                          Na akpu pounder u d fyn Abi wife…


Benita Nnoduechi replied                                               This one too like food Biko Inukwa


Chime Onyinye replied                                                Abeg na akpu Dem. Dey go pond for d marriage??

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Chukwumaeze Oberecey replied                                       I sabi pound am oya come marry me


Charity Ukaegbu  replied                                                     See this one


Jenny Tochi replied

Biko let me laugh oooo o0ooo,Mr pounder


Gift Ogechi replied

Your left nyash there! Orie nri aguta oku1 of igbo land


Geraldine Oluchi replied

Your hand dey pain you ni????


Anochima Jennifer replied

I cannot pound akpu and I am married. Come and beat me


Chukwuka Dibia replied

Hope your village people are not here?


Ikenna Jennifer Ndulue replied

I can pound Akpu but i have never done that ever since i married, i no get THAT power oya face yah front


Judith Chidimma replied

Can someone pls define marriage nd slavery for me then differentiate? I don’t understand


Roseline Obiageri replied

My mum didn’t pound akpu for my dad, I don’t know how to pound akpu and I don’t want to learn. Thank  God for my sweety sweety, no akpu pounding in my home.


Chinonso Notch Henry replied

My wife will never try that shit, and if cooking is the only problem my wife have, am good because I will take her to catering school, so this cooking issue is not a problem


Stanley Chukwudiebere Gburie-Aku replied

What concern akpu and marriage, for this 21st century your still talking of akpu, common brush up


Queen Madu replied

If that’s the criteria for marriage then you can sit on my middle fingers







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