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Lady Tells Daddy Freeze To Apologize To Bishop Oyedepo To Free Himself, Uploads Video Where Freeze Was Insulting The Bishop



A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Nsimah has directed Daddy Freeze to immediately apologize to the senior pastor of Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo for verbally insulting him.

Oge uploaded a video where Daddy Freeze was seen and heard insulting Bishop Oyedepo, calling the renowned clergyman, a “bald-headed fowl”.


She said Daddy Freeze played a victim’s role in his reply video to David Ibiyeomie , claiming he never insulted and has never insulted Oyedepo but the video said otherwise.

She emphasized that it is how people attract curses to their lives, stating that it is okay to criticize someone’s teaching but very wrong to hurl insults on someone’s father.

She condemned Freeze for insulting Oyedepo and said that David Ibiyeomie’s anger was justified because no one will see his father insulted and won’t respond.

She concluded that she is disappointed that Daddy Freeze is neither teaching nor explaining the Bible but is succeeding in planting evil seeds in the hearts and minds of people and to her, is not Christianity.

Read what she wrote;

Daddy Freeze tender an Apology to this pastors
now and free yourself..

You were acting like a victim in your reply video claiming you did not insult Oyedepo
I just discovered with this video that you lied to your followers…its misleading.
This is how You people provoke curses on your life.

Its a different thing to Criticise teaching and leadership constructively, it’s another thing to insult, body shame and mock them..that’s uncouth

How dare you mock an old man?
This is no way how to represent Christ.
You are not preaching Christ here
This is just an open attack to Lynch Pastors.
I can’t stand such nonsense.

I don’t think any of us can stand someone mock and do caricature with our fathers like this. This is an insult.

By this video, Pst David anger is very much justified…
Daddy Freeze is not teaching is not explaining the Bible but, planting an evil seed in people’s heart..and this is not Christianity…
i’m disappointed 🙁

Watch the video where Freeze was seen and heard insulting Oyedepo uploaded by her.




Women Spread Their Wrappers On The Floor For Prophet Odumeje To Walk On (Watch Video)



A video currently trending online has shown the moment some ladies believed to be members of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry decided to give their founder and pastor, Prophet Odumeje, a royal welcome to the church premises.

The founder of the church, Prophet Odumeje could be seen walking majestically amidst praises from the women, as they spread their wrappers on the floor for him to walk on.

In appreciation, the Prophet occasionally threw monies on the floor for the ladies.


Watch the video here:

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