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That You Have Been Married For 30 years Doesn’t Make You An Expert On Marriage — Daddy Freeze



OAP, Daddy Freeze, the pioneer of the Free The Sheeple movement has stirred up controversies after he shared his opinion on marriage.


Freeze, in one of his posts, said that not everyone who has been married for a long time are experts in marital issues because most marriages are endured instead of enjoyed and the fact that one is divorced or single doesn’t mean the person is not qualified to give marital advice.


He made mention of Jesus Christ and Paul in the Bible, who gave most advice on marriage as recorded in the New Testament, and stated that neither of them was married.


His post on Instagram reads

The fact that you have been married for 30 years doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on marriage. A prisoner in prison for 30years is still not an expert on the penitentiary system. Also, the fact that you are single, separated or divorced doesn’t disqualify you from giving marital advice.

Paul and Christ gave most of the New Testament advice on marriage and neither was married. FRZ

Many religious marriages are endured not enjoyed. Many pastors are suffering in silence. Paul wrote all the marriage advice in Colossians and Ephesians and was NEVER married, neither was Christ, who instructed us on marriage and whose cross carries our faith. ~FRZ

See the screenshot of the post on Instagram

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His post stirred up reactions and comments. Below are some replies.

Jplinksglobal replied

Over education and fame have made some people like daddyfreeze thought they know it all, when you claim to know all you knows nothing.


fash_larry replied
Apart from Adam n EVE wedding in the Bible d
rest were bases on humans personal feelings n interest towards their partner n that applicable to Jacob n others. Even Joseph who was earthly father of Jesus almost lose interest in Virgin Mary who got pregnant outside Joseph knowledge. Marriages were now based on humans interest not God chosen which Nigerian Pastors always claims, how come most Pastors preferred to chose the most beautiful sister with wealthy background as spouse chosen for them by God until personal character break them apart.Nigerian Pastors mostly grow old with their partner not because they can endured more than every other men but due to so many hidden side chicks to keep them going on. another way round their wife endured their infidelity to avoid losing their billions inheritance from Church business which had grown big over decades Cultivation. Marriage is business everywhere
ademolaashittuu replied
wesley.martin1 replied
Fact..most marriages are being endured not enjoyed. this happens in most of the Christian home in Nigeria
celebschannel replied
Paul was married but separated from his wife when he got converted.
nigakay replied
 This guy busy criticizing Oyedepo, the man wey no know say u dey exist. That’s cheap popularity.
angelaigbi replied
Rubbish talk Oga freeze.. being in marriage for 30 years more than qualifies you to advice a couple on marital issues reason being that as they say “experience is the best teacher”. The reason my marriage has stayed for 17 years is because very senior couples adviced but me & hubby at various times when we stepped off the rail. If you feel you are bigger than advice in marriage then prepare for regrets thereafter
official wisdom_okafor replied
They don’t know that coaches don’t play
lawalrama replied
Apostle Paul was married with kids when he
was a Jewish rabbi under Gamalel but gave all up when he met Yeshua on the road to damascus. This is an historical tact
daddy marvel replied
Even Joro calls himself a live doctor but still single, that’s life
realnayo replied
Powerful statement of fact! Many couples are
suffering big-time in silence.
stonin_store replied
Ride on my pastor Africa see 80% of suffering in marriage as normal


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Let A Lawyer Be There Anytime Your Boyfriend Gives You Gifts, So He Should Sign He Wouldn’t Take Back The Gifts After Breakup — Blogger Laura Ikeji Advises Ladies



Blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji-Kanu has shared her opinion on the current trend of men taking back the gifts they gave to their girlfriends after break up.

Videos are emerging steadily online of men taking back the gifts they gave their lovers after their relationship ended. Only recently, a South African businessman stormed the house, he built for his girlfriend with an excavator and brought it down after his girlfriend broke up with him. Read HERE

In a video Laura shared online, she stated that it is right for women to collect gifts from men and suggested to ladies to get a lawyer just to be there, whenever their boyfriends give them a gift, so the boyfriends can sign that they won’t collect back the gifts even if they broke up.

In her words, she said;

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”I feel like it is our right as women to collect gifts….From our husbands and our boyfriends, it our right to collect these gifts.  

Now these days that these guys are beginning to collect their gifts back, we need to do something about it. There must be an emergency meeting. We need to do something about it.

My opinion is before you get gifts from these guys, your boyfriend of that moment, I think you should get a pen and paper and get a lawyer because you gat to sign and tell him this gift is mine forever…anything you give me is mine forever regardless of what happened so that these guys will not come and be embarrassing us and disgracing us outside. You gat to sign. If you buy me a car, sign. If you buy me a house, sign so you wouldn’t come and break my house one day”

Watch the video


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