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Go For Cleansing If Ibiyeomie Has Laid His Hands On Your Head — Man Advises



A Nigerian man identified on facebook as Charles Awuzie has advised members of Salvation Ministries and those whose heads have been touched by David Ibiyeomie to go for cleansing.

Recall, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the senior pastor of Salvation Ministry was seen and heard in a video causing out and threatening the leader of Free Nation movement, OAP,  Daddy Freeze for insulting his spiritual father,  Bishop David Oyedepo

Charles Awuzie

Ibiyeomie’s action was as a result of Daddy Freeze calling out Bishop David Oyedepo after Oyedepo gave his stance on achieving a successful marriage which is for the wife to be totally submissive to her husband.

Freeze rubbished Oyedepo’s statement and insisted that the submission should be from both the husband and the wife.

This didn’t go well with Ibiyeomie who threatened to deal with Freeze, if he ever say anything negative against his spiritual father, Oyedepo again.

Ibiyeomie called Freeze, a ba.stard who doesn’t know his father, a Somalian and was heard saying Freeze doesn’t have a father that’s why he likes insulting another person’s father.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Charles Awuzie,  a public figure, couldn’t believe a  Man of God could spit out such mean and demeaning utterances. He questioned those who are his members and those who he(Ibiyeomie) has laid hands on their heads to go for cleansing because these so-called pastors have bl_ood on their hands.

Taking to facebook,   Charles wrote;

If #DavidIbiyeome has ever laid hands on your head, and you heard him threaten to kill Daddy Freeze, please go and wash your head because a bloody hand may have touched your head. These men have blo_od in their hands. They k.ll

See screenshot of his post

His post received various reactions and replies from people. Below are some replies from his comment section

Ubah Ali-kings replied

I would hv personally ignored if he had threatened to deal with him spiritually because it’s empty. After all No be today all of them started dealing with boko haram spiritually


Paschal Anadi replied

What did Freeze said about Oyedepo to start with,  secondly we all make mistakes that why we human, you also flaw big time by saying what you said, but you are also forgiving cos you are human too.


Frank Monroe replied

And u will hear someone say”leave my daddy alone ” who bewitched this people?


Ton Eya replied

I have always respected the pastor and i understand, its human to err, but he went too far, this is a premeditated act, he had been nursing an ill feeling towards the man…which is not Christlike


Hon Stan EO replied

By their fruits and their words we shall know them, they have destroyed many souls and following them as spiritual father is a one way ticket to HELLFIRE!!


Emeanu Angel Chinedu replied

Jesus Christ prayed for those who curse him, persecuted him and eventually ki.lled him,he ask us to do so,the big pastor should study his Bible well


Kingsley Chikwendu replied

This one pass me biko


Dingha Claudette replied

Let’s spread love that’s God’s command anything from this God is not inside. Reciprocate hate with love


Idee Charles replied

They kil.l mercilessly


Bishop Hilarey replied
Empty threats, they have been unable to curse Boko-Haram is Daddy Freeze they will succeed?? Sorcerer David Ibiyeomie.. Daddy Freeze has put sand-sand in their garri
Victor Sylvanus Enang replied
Are pastors politician? are they part of the useless
government that has made life unbearable for Nigerians? Have they got ones advised Nigerians to be terrorists? Why all these unnecessary hate and insults from some Nigerians? Why not channel all these muscles of hate to evil politicians,enemies of Nigeria, Boko Haram, terrorist.
Uche Martins replied
You are such a f.ol,this Charles. Go and read your
scriptures well,God is a merciful God and at the same
time a consuming fire. Why do you think I drove people out of there land and gave it to lsrael. DON’T WORRY, YOUR END HAS COME, SINCE YOU DON’T HAVE WORK AGAIN
Yomi Adedeji replied
Stop worshiping Pastors, Bishops, G.Os etc. They are
not Jesus, they didn’t die for you..They are human, they must also submit themselves to correction. They don’t know everything about the Bible. They should submit themselves to learn.
Mary Umanah replied
This is the funniest post from you this month, that
washing of head part caught me
Timothy Okon Ayang replied
Ur a f.oo.l
Timothy Okon Ayang replied
May God ki.ll u
Sarah Osakwe replied
Charles Awuzie u will be d first victim of this u
are talking about


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