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“Is there heaven, is there hell? Or are we just being deceived?” — Man asks



A Nigerian man on facebook identified as Daniel Amadi has invoked various reactions on the social media app.

Mr Amadi, in one of his recent posts, in a facebook group is inquisitive and at the same confused, about the existence of heaven and hell as being preached by most religious leaders.

According to Christianity, it is a well-known fact that  people who accept Jesus Christ which is God’s only begotten son as the Christians put it, as their personal Lord and saviour, and live their lives entirely by the principles of the 10 commandments will go to heaven when they die or on the judgement day.

Amadi Daniel

On the other hand, those who don’t accept Christ will go to hell when they die or on the judgement day.


Mr Amadi is obviously confused and wants to know whether it is true, there is a heaven and a hell or if he and other Christian faithfuls are just being fooled and lied to.

Taking to his facebook account, he wrote;

Is there heaven, is there hell?
Or are we just being deceived?

See screenshot of his post below; 

The post has generated reactions from various users, while some shared the poster’s thoughts, others lambasted him while the rest tried to explain the existence. Below are some of the best reactions


Joel Uchenna replied

That I’m not interested. But to do that which is right. Church has deceived slot of ppl about reincanation and many a facing lots of up and down for not accepting who they are and have peace.

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Charles Delon Ikedi replied

Man up… U can as well ask. Is there mum and daddy


Francis Chukwuemeka Abonyi replied

At this point! No one cares what u believe in! Life itself has taken over evangelism and ppl can count their teeth with their tongues!! Hell or Heaven? When u have not solved the mysteries on earth where u live?Live right! Show love! Be good! Be concerned with please well-being! Love urself! Be happy to die when death comes! When we get to the bridge… God is aware!!!



Anyaegbu Ifeanyi replied

Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 has the answer to the question:what happens when we die? If God can burn people forever for a sin they committed a short time with their imperfect nature, then love and justice are not his utmost qualities again. The wages sin pays according to God’s inspired Bible is “death” and nothing more.(Romans 6:7,23)Everlasting life is never reserved for the wicked ones to enjoy whether in the fire or not. They will cease to exist. (Romans 6:23 Psalm 37:9-11)


Okeke Akachukwu Agatha replied

After living your life here in earth you will get your answer wen you die


Maduka Somtoo replied

All This people saying it’s real how do you know?Have you been there?i believe when you die you join your ancestors which is our igbo belief. | can’t start killing myself over something l don’t have proof over. Leave a good life that’s all.Remember karma has all our addresses


Obiora Eberechukwu Precious replied

I can’t say what I don’t know. l can only say what  believe in and I believe that there is heaven and hell

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Alagboso Chukwudi replied

Do good and enjoy the benefit of doing good in this life. If eventually there is or there isn’t heaven or hell when one dies, you will have nothing to loose.


Kenneth Chukie Umeadi replied

Do good oo00o


Okbest Oramalu replied

Mathew 5 v 29 to 30


Ezenwa Advantage replied

All na scam


Onyinye Ann replied

If you live your life with the fear of heaven or the fear of hell then you are not truly saved…the love Christ gave to us is the love that casts out matter how you preach hell or heaven to me,l can’t get scared cause the love of God is salvation which removes any form of fear..but of a truth these two realities exist.. speaking from a near death experience and personal experience/encounter/revelation


Okbest Oramalu replied

If u like believe or u live it hell is real heaven is real


Chukwuka Aguzie replied

My brother I don’t think so,for instance, if there is heaven oyibo man that hates and marginalise us wouldn’t have let u know about it. Imagine when u want to travel to their country, how difficult it is


Odo Himan Ikechukwu replied

Heaven and hell are here with us in this earth. Try to create ur own heaven or stay in your hell comfortably thinking dat u gonna escape soon to a better place …above all, obey d golden rule



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“Any Nigerian Pastor That Owns A Jet Is A Thie.f” — Man Blows Hot, Nigerians React



A Nigerian man has caused a serious debate on social media after he shared a rather derogatory view concerning Nigerian pastors, who own private jets.

Most successful Nigerian pastors own personal jets some even have more than one. The likes of Bishop Oyedepo,  Apostle Johnson Suleman, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,  to mention but a few have their own private jets they usually board to preach the gospel around the world.

According to Mr Kalu as he is identified, he declared that those, whose pastors own private jet must stop worshipping at their churches, because according to Mr Kalu’s assumption, these pastors are thieves and fraudsters.

Posting via Facebook, he wrote;

 “Any Nigerian pastor that owns a private jet is a thief.(419).Run from them

See his post below


Mbaramah Davido commented

Even Jesus’ who they all claim is their master had no house,horse or even donkey…

He traveled all the cities with his legs.

Non of his 12 disciples were even rich…

He was even born in a manger not even there own..

His parents were poor .the father a .carpenter.

The early christians were also poor but spiritually rich.

None were famous . Even paul with all his Education that would have made him a prominent man among his contemporaries ,chose God over making a name for himself. Acquiring wealth as a Religious leader and being famous is not christ like…

The earlier we understand this the better for us.


Marcel Jacinta Ujunwa commented

Wat could a pastor be doing with 3 jets at a time. He is called by God like king Solomon, Samuel,Paul. We believe that he z God kind bt God never had a donkey of his own. Maybe he z travelling abroad with 3 jets at a time. Let’s call a spade a spade.


Kenechukwu Maduike Commented

The church has turned into commercial institution and even a political one too. If you want to get rich quick go open a church. Commercialisation of religion is not a new thing, not saying that every clergy are into it, but most of them are interested more in what they stand to gain than what they are meant to offer. This has made so many supposed men of God to delve into occult rituals just to gain powers and followers. So I do not blame the poster for the assertion the made.


Okafor Nkiru Cynthia commented

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Pastors have s right to be rich but when God has blessed a pastor so much that he surpasses using commercial aircraft then it’s time for him to start blessing those around him and using his wealth to win souls for God. Do u know that putting food on the table of a hungry idle man can win him totally for God? Buying private jet is frivolous for a pastor . There ar so many ways he can use his wealth to serve God because its God that brought him riches and there is a purpose for those blessings. To win souls but most of them misuse it through materialism.. May God give them knowledge.


Eleagu Eddison commented

So pastor no fit run business again? He can’t or rather, he’s banned from creating wealth for himself? He’s dependent on offerings nd tithes? Nwanne change ur mentality abeg, if u no like am, go open ur own church


Okwudiri Ani commented

It will even suprise you the more that the money might not be coming from the offerings of their congregations. Is still federal money.


Kelvin Ekeledo commented

What a politician or musician that own a jet is what?


Onyekachi Obi commented

You’re not serious, why didn’t you become a pastor? You think preaching the word of God is an easy task?


Kingsley Chijioke Ikenna commented

And any Politician that owns a private jet without doing any thing for the masses is a good man Vote for him again


Nnaemeka Alumona  commented

That is not entirely true


David Ubachukwu commented

Some people will die unfulfilled in this life watch it, when you criticize what is bigger than you, you will be dwarfed and be cut short in life be warned many people are under a silent curse today because of what they said with their mouth


John Onuoha commented

See poverty mentality at work


Adaeze Queen commented

Suleiman is a FAKE pastor quote me anywhere


Nwokeke Phinna Uju commented

Go and hustle, live them alone


Eze Jude commented

The worst are the pastors who have been falsely prophesizing marriage, fruits of the womb and successes to our ladies, hoping to conceive wives and business men for roughly fifteen years with Nothing to show.


Lucy Chinenye commented

MUST READ:  "Any Nigerian Pastor That Owns A Jet Is A Thie.f" — Man Blows Hot, Nigerians React

Hot weather of this country don Format brain of its citizens. Na only people way don travel or stays overseas that knows the truth and what we are suffering in this country


Obinna Prosper Hodkinson commented

Show me an !man or Alpha Muslims that owns a private Jet?


Mercy Obi Iwuoha commented

What are they doing with private jet, when they can use the funds to establish some members that have no body to help them establish themselves.


lfeanyichukwu Christiantus Egbumnu commented

And any politician that owns properties abroad is not a thief but a good man… Anti church like you. Wait and see….


lgwe Sion commented

You’re a lazy person. Keep counting others blessing hypocrite


Nwaogwugwu John commented

I pray you don’t have unseen curses fighting you!


Esther Amaka commented

You should be wise enough not to speak against any pastor for your own good


Kinkinb Jenny commented

Pastors and churches is business and is scam…Fullstop..


Onyekachi Kaego Umenna commented

This man is cursed oo. Poverty is chasing and tormenting ur brain


Apex Nkemakolam commented

If you get, them must talk. If you no get, them must talk. They’re enjoying life and all the glory is for God. Pls mind you God is not a poor God, if there’s something more than jet, men of God needs it


Nkem Chima commented

This is the voice of the enemy of progress speaking.


Celine Njoku commented

Attention seeker. I will buy 2 more for him


Onyinye Onyility commented

But to be sincere one jet is ok na why 3 abi him dey fly with 3 at same time…


Obi Okafor commented

They are not thieves, rather they are business men. And very good at that business. Do you think its easy to deceive people, young, old and even professors. Give them some credit please.


Favour Isioma commented

But who has accuse all this worldly singers, politicians celebrities name it of their acquired properties.why must it be only Men of God.


Nwaorah Favour Isioma commented

Apart from politicians, sing…


Chinedu Chris Ezeokoye commented

Impacting meaningful lives positively through using money of one private jet to build factory



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