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“A Responsible Lady Will Never Wear Bumshorts.. And Come Outside No Matter What” — Man declares



A Nigerian man identified as Bede Nnamdi Nwulu  has caused stir on facebook following his opinion about how a lady should dress.

Nwulu told ladies that bumshorts, tight pants and short skirts should be worn indoor and indoor alone and that no other persons outside must see them in such outfits.

Bede Nnamdi Nwulu

In his opinion, any lady who wears bumshorts, tight pants and short skirts and deemed it fit to walk freely in the public is irresponsible, because to him, a responsible lady can’t wear such clothes outside.

Bede Nnamdi Nwulu

With the dynamic nature of nowadays fashion, clothes come in different shapes. Most times people follow fashion trends while some just wear what they are comfortable in — some prefers clothes that basically suit them, while some go for those clothes  that make them attractive.

Bede Nnamdi Nwulu

Nwulu in his elaborate opinion, feels a lady who wears these attires and is bold enough to be walking freely outside, is irresponsible. He thinks such dressing is offensive and at the same time, indecent and that obviously prompted him to say that a lady who is responsible will not attempt such kind of dressing publicly but instead wear them indoors only.

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Taking to his facebook page, he wrote;

A responsible lady will never wear bum shorts, tight pants or short skirts and come outside no matter what!

His post generated a divide amongst Facebook users. Below are some replies

Chinenye Vivian replied

Food of thought,Yoruba ladies are good in that


Egbogu M Ogunede replied

If she wears it around compound is ok by me


Chumaco Eguji replied

you will live long my dear when coming back from work stop at mama nkechi shop tell her to give you two bottles of malts one plate of pepper soup


Prince Wilson Ugonnaya replied

Hmmmm is like you never lived in any foreign  countries just visit my side dey no dey wear pant nah me self dey remove my face cause some go carry soft nyash put am where son of man dey relax 2200


Chinweokwu Precious Onu replied

Papa itiboribo


Agbo Francis replied

The way and manner that both men and women dress themselves is freedom exampified.No dress is a right or wrong way of dressing.The reason is that our appreciation of dresses is subjective. What u call wrong dressing mode may be to me the best dressing for outing.Therefore dressing can never be the mode of assessing any one.

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Mary Ogechi replied

I wear short skirt, gown and bum shot. Oya come and beat me. Akwuna Nwoke


Uchechukwu Kingsley replied

This is generation that call bad good! But it will never make bad to be a good thing. Darkness can never be light though truth is scales but truth remains truth.


Kelechi Ruth replied



Blessing Nwaigwe replied

No pee.l am “irresponsible” and proud!


Charles Anastecia Nkiru replied



Chibuogwu Bob Onwubu replied

Pls let’s try n focus on how we can better our country Nigeria. All these unnecessary post is becoming unwanted.


Chika Peters replied

All this guy condemning this dressing thing.. hmmm, you people should better close your mouth and mind your business. You people should not allow me talk oooh


Gloria Nnadi replied

So we should wear wrapper??? U don’t know what u are saying


Sharon Chioma Baridole replied

You people should leave us to dey our dey ooo responsible group of companies




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25 Year Old Lady Who Met A Guy On Facebook On Valentine’s Day, Gets Stranded On Getting To Abuja (Photos)



A young lady named Sandra, who was invited by a man, she met on social media who got stranded has been helped out by good Samaritans around the Kubwa area of Abuja.

According to the 25 years old lady, she met the man on popular social app, Facebook, on Valentine’s day and after some moments of chatting with the man, she decided to visit him in Abuja where he stays. She left Lagos to Abuja, but unfortunately on getting to Kubwa, area of Abuja, she realized that the young man’s mobile number has been switched off. She continuosly dialed the number but couldn’t reach him.

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She further said that the man identified as D-Boy had promised to pay her transport fare, if she can afford to pay from Lagos to Abuja.

Many people have started to blast her for taking the risk from Lagos state to Abuja just to meet a man she has never met before, while others are advising other young ladies to learn from Sandra’s experience.

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See photos below:

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