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Stop Preaching Wrong Marriage Doctrines, Tell Men To Submit To Their Wives Too — Lady Calls Out Pastors, Others



Oge Nsimah, a Nigerian lady on Facebook has pleaded with religious leaders, most especially pastors, to stop the perceived ongoing mental slavery caused by their wrong interpretation of the Bible.

Oge Nsimah

Oge, who is a humanist, begged pastors to stop brainwashing their congregation with wrong doctrines by preaching the scriptures to them from their own point of views or personal opinions but instead, tell them the truth as stated in the Bible.

Oge Nsimah

She mentioned a portion of the Bible, that talked about the issue of submission between husbands and wives.


She explained that husbands and wives should submit to each other because that’s what the Bible says and not the other way round in which only the wives are submitting to their husbands as propagated by religious leaders

This is coming after popular Nigerian clergyman, Bishop David Oyedepo, leader of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel International, quoted that for a marriage to be successful, the woman must submit herself to her husband, and this has generated controversies and various reactions from Nigerians.


Oge, in her final remark, advised Christians to know the truth for themselves so they won’t be deceived and insisted that for a marriage to work, submission has to come from both the husband and the wife and not solely from the wife.

Taking to her facebook page, she wrote;

To whom it may concern,

Dear Nigerian Religious leaders,

please I am pleading with you all, stop spoiling our society the more, we are trying to revive and emancipate our society from mental slavery stop adding more work to us with wrong interpretation of the Bible.

Tell people the truth how it’s written and not your personal perspective..

Husband and wife submit yea to one another, that what the Bible said..

Stop brain washing Africans society with half baker truth…

Submission is for both husband and life, the level of commitment to made marriage work is for the two people involved. Know the truth and it will set you free. Study Bible for yourself and know God for yourself 

I still wonder while you remove responsibilities from a head and make it only a figure head 


Oge Nsimah

See screenshot of the post


Her post attracted both positive and negative reactions from various facebook users.  Below are some replies

Arinze Nwachukwu John replied

I pity ur Generation, lady


John Nnanna Nwa Ame  replied

Women should not be afraid of submission. Submission doesn’t mean oppression or tyranny.
A loving husband submits his will to that of Christ, and, in doing  so, imitates Him in the marriage relationship. In this context, the wife willingly surrenders to her husband just as her husband
chooses to surrender his will to Christ. Submission based on love brings peace and harmony to the family.


Omalicha Chukwudi Madu replied

Some Women should be careful of some write up on fbk, let no one deceive u, u can’t be equal to a man, submit to ur husband and husband love ur wife, God have given men the authority to be the head and so shall it be, marriage is sweet when you understand each, submit and love, don’t be deceived, civilization cannot stop it cos it is written, do ur best as a wife and pray to God about the rest.


Vivian Chiamaka Innocent replied

My dear I guess you turned that your Bible upside down before reading.go back again and read it.


ThankGod Ube replied

At least, many have read their bible today for a very long time.


Behka Ndubuisi replied

She have deleted it…. next time you come here to post nonsense I will finish it up with you.. from now will get alert on all your post and I will make sure you don’t post shit anymore here.




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