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After Sponsoring Her For 8 Years, She Dumped Me For A Rich Man – Heartbroken Man Cries Out



A Nigerian man with the name Joseph(surname withheld) has cried out bitterly after a lady he trained through school for 8 years left him for a rich man.

Mr Joseph narrated how he was mistreated by a girl he financially sponsored through school, who eventually dumped him and followed another man whom she thinks is richer than him.

Read his story below;

My name is Joseph, I am 37 years old, I met this girl selling vegetables at a popular market during school hours. I approached and asked her the reason why she was not in the school, after her explanation I offered to train her and also to take care of her family since her father was late. Though i was single.

We started living like partners and as one family, we played and had fun together, we have already made plans to marry once she graduates from the university. Things were going well until she left for youth service. Few months after she departed, her behaviour changed.

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It all started when she asked me for 100k to change her wardrobe and i told her to wait after her service, that my business that period was very slow. She stopped taking my calls, she stopped replying to my text messages.

Not too long she posted on her WhatsApp stories “Getting married to the love of my life, man that has value, thank God for saving me”


Initially, i thought it was about our upcoming marriage as we discussed, few months later, she returned from service, she stayed with her mother for 2 weeks, she didn’t made any move to call or inform me that she was back and never bothered.

Not too long, i started hearing rumors about her getting married to a rich man, i never believed until when she visited me with a man whom she introduced as her husband. That day it seemed as if i was dreaming.

She brought out a check of N10million(25000USD) and stretched her hand towards me saying, “Mr Joseph, i know you have really done a lot in my life and my family and I’m giving you this money as a reward for being so kind and caring to me and my family”.

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When all these were going on, i was busy starring at her with heavy pain on me, but i couldn’t do anything. I was busy thinking about how i starved myself and made sure she got whatever she needed when she was in higher institution..

So i financially saw her through school for all these years with my sweat, time and resources and all she could do is to pay me back with heartbreak..I’m truly heartbroken right now and i don’t know what to do next.



Relationship Talk

Lady Who Was Emotionally Abused By Fiancée Shares Her Story



A woman who was emotionally abused by her fiancée has revealed how she escaped the abusive relationship that almost ruined her life and deprived her of communicating with her family members.

A Twitter user who has been in a relationship with the man, narrated how she found herself into the relationship where she is being abused all the time and had been forced not to see or communicate with any of her relatives.

According to her, she said she managed to escape with her two months old daughter and had to ran back to her family for her safety.

Read her story below:

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Last week, I found the courage to escape an abusive relationship. With the clothes on our backs, I ran through the airport terminal with my 2 month old daughter strapped to my chest. Caught the last flight back home to my family, whom I had been forced not to see or speak with

This is generational. Painful. And embarrassing. I survived this week with only 2 pairs of panties and prayer.

Today, we are moving into an apartment with the last of my money. I’m grateful but also mourning. All our things are in Texas. All my books. All her clothes and items. But I am remembering as I turn the key that our lives are what matters most.

I never do this. But we could use prayers. Encouragement. And any other blessings to bring about fullness as we start our new lives together in safety:

Venmo: @ Starr-Davis-4
Cashapp: $StarrDavis1

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