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Help!! My Man Doesn’t Like Having His Bath — Lady Cries Out



A disheartened Nigerian lady has cried out for help and desperately needs some advice concerning the very poor hygiene of her man.

The anonymous lady is soliciting advice on how she can make her man improve on his personal hygiene.

She revealed that her man can stay for over two days without taking his bath and worst still, can wear his clothes for more than a week without feeling uncomfortable.

She said, she has done all she could to make him change the habit but no avail. She has talked to him, bought perfumes and deodorants but yet he still wouldn’t bulge.

She is desperately looking for any workable way to make him change this disgusting habit because obviously he is embarrassing her as well as making her very uncomfortable in his presence.


She wrote;

Advise a troubled lady, please

How do I handle a man that stays for two or three days without having his birth, can wear one clothes for two weeks?

Note: I have spoken to him several times, kept water for him, bought sprays and roll-ons for him all to no avail.

Advise me: What next should I do?

See the screenshot

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Various users proffer likely solutions while some added salt to the injury. Read replies below

Christian Onyekaozuru replied

Leave him alone ooh. Is it ur body.. What of u people that menstruates 4 3days +. Have you ask us how we are coping with the odour? He is doing his fasting and praying.


Charity Chukwuekwe replied

Find out why, was he like that before you married him and say he will change? Leopard can’t never change it spot.please help him. Try if both of you should bathing together for you to make he bath regularly. You dey try shall


Gift Onyinyechi replied

If he refuse to bath…Then u have to pour the water on him


Sunday Nzeadu replied

My first kid was not eating at infancy.. we ran ran round everywhere and a doctor told me that I should eat with him, call other children to eat with him….this anticipatory and participatory psychology worked for us.. Now adopt this participatory bathing psychology….bath with him…encourage him give him good food and sex…whenever he bathes at the right time…use carrot and stick diplomacy on him…It will work…

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Victor Ugochukwu Abengowe replied

he will give birth soon…no worries


Chukwuezuworom Friday Ugochukwutuberem replied

Pig is always a Pig


Chika Gold replied

I think you need to start bathing together with him,off your clothes tell him to come join u, give him a good romance and blow job inside the bathroom there, while at it, help him to scrub his back, tell him to bathe fast and collect the main thing in the bedroom,  you can still give it to him there after bathing, it’s will ginger him to join u while bathing.


Ani Francisca Ogechukwu replied

Pour him water ooooo0o



Relationship Talk

Marrying And Taking Your Wife Abroad Is Risky — Man Advises



A Nigerian man has opined that it is not recommendable for any married man or a man planning to get married to think of flying his wife abroad with him.

In a recent post on social media shared by a user, he noted that a man taking his wife to overseas after getting married is most likely to be an ugly decision for the man, because the woman may change her mind and file a divorce which will eventually favour her.

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According to him, nobody should blame Nigerian men abroad, who refused to travel with their wives abroad, because they have a reason, he said the women may get there and decide to change their mind and dump them, causing the men to lose their families.

Taken to Facebook page, he wrote:

Marrying and taking your wife abroad is risky, what if she divorce you there?

I don’t blame men who base in abroad while their wives are here, They don’t want to loose their family!

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