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A Woman Who Can’t Provide For Her Family Is Not A Virtuous Woman – Man Says



A Nigerian man with the name, Anorue Thankgod Kelechi on facebook has dished out his unique opinion on marriage.

Kelechi in one of his recent posts on Facebook said that women should get themselves involved in terms of providing for the family, stating that any woman who lacks such credentials is not worthy to be called a virtuous woman.

According to him, a real woman should and must be able to support her family.

He concluded it by saying that no woman deserves to be called a virtuous woman except she’s providing for her family.

As usual, users reacted to his post. See their reactions below;

Chinemenma Precious GentleMr. Poverty go and make money first then you come back and talk, real men that has hustle and made better money even ask their wifes to stay at home and be praying for them while they make big money, but just that we women ain’t lazy that is why we contribute and hustle as well, so don’t take it as if it is mandatory.

Eberechukwu NgeneanihSays a lazy man who forgot that it is the duty of the husband to provide for his family.

Juliet Chibuzor Osunwannemr poster dont mind d people calling u names,they are housewives sleeping and eating in their hubby house

Amaka NdukweBe calming down, I said be calming down and take ur responsibility, lazy man like u

I hope u are not the person the Bible referred to as an infidel

Lazy men everywhere


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Relationship Talk

“A Nigerian Boyfriend Has More Responsibilities Than A Father Of Three In America” — Man Claims



A Nigeria male twitter influencer has caused stir on social media after he shared his opinion on what it takes to be a boyfriend in Nigeria.

The man identified with the username, MAKANAKI,  claimed that a Nigerian man, who is in a relationship with a Nigerian girl, has more responsibilities more than a father with three kids in America.

He tweeted;

  “A Nigerian boyfriend has more responsibilities than a father of three in America”

See post below

His tweet generated some replies from twitter users. Below are a few replies


@Irunnia_ commented


*You go pay babe bill

*You go buy take away for her friends wey dey chop like Kung Fu Panda

*You never marry her but her mama go dey tell you “you don’t even give me money is it when you marry my daughter you will give me money? ”

*You go give all 7 of her siblings money


@qudus593 commented

The subtle truth in this sha 🤔 that’s how a friend said most Nigerian guys that go abroad complain about how they have seen a less financially tasking set of women but you never see Nigerian ladies go abroad & complain that they are treated worse in Nigeria 😅 I tweet in peace


@tosinlazyboy commented

I think most of us guys take up the responsibility of father figure or spending on our Girlfriends just to feed our Ego. “Something like she was nothing when I met her”


@Imaobon07489062 commented

Makanaki…what is it..Truth be told That is y so many ladies ain’t married yet…. Cos the guy be wondering,if dating is this expensive..what will marriage look like Babes, mk una hustle o…so that guys no go dey use us as topic for their timeline


@hanameisarik replied

Because the Nigerian boyfriend is more shortsighted than an American boyfriend. He sees the relationship as an avenue to show his ego; acting as if the gf did not have anything or was not anything before he met her. So by forming father of responsibilities, he feeds the ego.


@SamuelGalax replied

I swear down bruh. Money for hair, data, morning afternoon night food, money for Uber or Taxify, money for taking her friends out, money to buy clothes and accessories, omooooooooooo


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