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“25-year-old Malian Led A Coup But A 30-year-old Nigerian Is Watching BBNAIJA” – FFK Slams Nigerian Youths, Youths React



Chief Femi Fani-Kayode popularly referred to as FFK,  has provoked the ire of most Nigerian youths after he took to his social media accounts to slam Nigerian youths watching Big Brother Naija Reality Show.


The legal professional cum politician can’t see to imagine why Nigerian youths are more focused on Big Brother Naija reality TV show rather than on pressing national issues.


In his social media post, he said that a 25-year-old Malian man led a national coup to reclaim his nation, but in Nigeria in spite of the various pressing national issues plaguing the nation, a 30-year-old is devoted to all the happenings in the Big Brother reality show and the housemates.


He captioned it ”Truly Pitiful”

He wrote

“25 year old man in Mali led the coup to reclaim their nation. 30 years old in Nigeria watching BBNaija shouting ”Laycon my man”


Recall ever since the show kicked off, it has always been trending on Nigerian twitter sphere daily , as Nigerians, mainly youth, discuss, analyze and battle one another over their favourite housemates.

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show is a Nigerian version of the original Big Brother UK. It involves a group of housemates locked up and shut out entirely from the outside world.

They are made to perform some tasks, and at each period, they are evicted one after the other by votes casted by viewers, till it gets to just 3 housemates. A winner will emerge by the highest number votes, he or she gets

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This year’s edition comes with a grand prize of N85 million and Mercy Eke was the last winner of the show.

As usual, different people express their opinions on the post. While some saw reasons with Femi Fani-Kayode, others scolded him

See some of people’s replies below on his Instagram page.

stevejsteve2 machalaforever replied
When you were 25, dd you make any move to better the country? Make your children start the coup, we will back them up. #machalaforever

itz official Iee replied
Lead By Example Oga you get children

awelegq replied
You really smoked the wrong puff for real. You were how old in 1999? You want the children of the poor to do what?I believe you have young relatives why don’t you encourage them to carry out your plans? Sometimes you talk without reasoning. You are part of the problem the country is facing

ablyetotty replied
Why you no send your pikin for country una spoil


mrluther1 replied
Take over a Country?. you and Obasanjo and co’s spoiled!

bignas231 replied
Tell them ooooh

uchman32 replied
Thank you sir, Lazy Naija youths

chiwizfaz replied
see who Dey call pot black uno Dey among
the people wen destroy dis country usel…ss leaders

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stevejsteve2 replied

it’s really pitiful that the youths and all others do not have time to think about the future of this nation. Let them keep drinking tram and smoking whatever. The chips will soon be down.


rose rection replied
Quick one, what were you doing at 25?


ngala1984 replied
The president has called them lazy now am getting the president point

stevejsteve2@stevejsteve2 Keep asking what FFK was doing at 25 and when he was in government. Don’t think, don’t reflect on the situation of things in this nation. Don’t even care about anything. Just play music, watch T , stay in social media 24/7. Future will tell.

elgbadagri replied
Oga but you watched Game of Thrones and
your wife even dressed as one the character. So what you watch to entertain yourself is not what others must watch. Same way Ben was trying to make ‘Common sense”‘ but after His tenure he ran away. Yourself how many youths have you empowered. Same youth that’s enable to pay for his sub,VAT, and gen to watch when you people couldn’t do anything.

sehindeowoeye replied
Blame it an your generation Bro. You must
have given us the country we no longer believe in



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Nigerian News

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It’s currently a Black Friday for the people of Onitsha and most especially the traders of Onitsha Plastic Market as fire engulfs more that 40% of the market.

According to BBC News Igbo, they reported that the fire outbreak was said to have started early today morning around 1:50am Nigerian time and it is believed that properties worth millions of Naira was also destroyed.

MUST READ:  #BlackFriday As Fire Engulfs Onitsha Plastic Market. Destroys Properties Worth Millions Of Naira (Photos)

View the photos here:

The cause of the fire is not yet known and the State Police Command has informed the general public that investigations into the matter is currently ongoing.

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