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My Mother Turned My Siblings Against My Dad After He Lost His Job Till He Died – Unhappy Lady Narrates



An unhappy and confused Nigerian lady from Imo state is soliciting advice concerning the quagmire she is presently facing.

The lady narrated how her mother maltreated her father immediately he lost his job and almost stopped her from marrying the love of her love.

She went further to reveal how her mother turned her other siblings against her father till he became blind and died.

She concluded that her late father has been lying in the morgue for a long time and efforts to bury him have been futile, because the elders insisted that the wife, as well as the other of her siblings must be present to make the burial arrangements as customs demand, but the mother and her siblings are not even bothered and it has left her completely frustrated.

Now she is totally exhausted and desperately needs advise on what to do next.

Read her story below

I am from Ikeduru near Owerri in Imo State but resides in Lagos. I come from a very poor family . My father was an electrician while my mother a pretty trader.

We are a family of six, my father & mother & four of us children. I am the first born and a woman , the second , a woman ,the third , a man and the last born a woman.

Trouble started way back when my dad lost his paid job in one organisation he worked as an electrician due to downsizing of staff then and my mum and myself (because I have started working then after my secondary school and also learning computer skills) were the ones catering for the family .

My mum is this type that always want to be the boss while my dad is this very quiet, unassuming ,laid-back type of man.

At a time my father had hernia which needed to be operated but there was no money and my mum was not happy with the situation of things in the family and she made my father the object of her anger, stopped feeding him and threatening to even poison him if he does not get out of her space . During this period I was already in the process of getting married to a man my mum refused vehemently that I should not marry stating that the man is not our church member and that he is quite older than me and more worldly wise but I insisted I want to marry the man.

So as the quarrel between my mum and dad keep escalating, my dad’s family members from the village came and helped him relocate to our village in Imo State and my fiance helped out in footing the bill for his hernia operation in the East and it was very successful and my dad became well.

After my man came to the village to do the marriage rites etc and we came back together and I had to leave my mum and siblings at our Lagos home in Lagos and started living with my husband.

And also started to see to the upkeep of my father in the village and also give my mum monthly stipend since non of my other siblings have started working then.

But my mum was not happy with me mainly because I married a man I love and respect so much against her wish.

After some couple of years my dad started having severe eye problem and my mum who travelled to the village not really to see my dad but because my immediate younger sister wanted to get married and they wanted to get the marriage list in the village, came back and told me that my dad is in bad shape and need some attention.

She adviced that I travel to the East to bring my father to her place in Lagos so that we can collectively know what is wrong with him and take care of him .
I travelled to Imo state to bring my father but he vehemently insisted that he can only leave the village if he is going to stay in my house and never in my mum’s place.

I immediately called my mum on phone to tell her what is going on. She was sad but really didn’t say much on phone.

So I brought my dad to Lagos, went to my mum the same day we landed to tell her and my other siblings that my dad is now with me in my house.
She was not happy but was silent about the whole thing.

Myself and my husband took my father to the best eye clinics in Lagos and we were told he has lost his two eyes and operating the eyes will just be waste of money.

So my dad started living with us . My mum refused to visit , and indoctrinated my other siblings not to visit my house to see our dad.

This continued for almost two years and my dad keep complaining about this and was really very sad about the kind of treatment my mum and other siblings was dishing out to him.

In March this year he suddenly became very ill and we rushed him to hospital. I informed my mum and siblings and told them the hospital he was admitted. But they never showed up until he died and myself and husband with the help of one of my dad’s sister who came all the way from the village (his favourite sister) quickly moved his body to a morgue in the East near my village the same night he died.

Since then, my dad has been in the morgue because my mum and my other siblings who never called him or visited him when he was living with me or sick in the hospital before he died have refused to be part of his burial arrangement or even coming for his burial in the East.

And my dad’s family are saying that if they refuse to come ,especially my brother who is the only son of my father that my dad’s corpse will remain in the morgue till my mum and other siblings are ready for his burial.

I have insisted that arrangements should be made for him to be buried before the end of this August with or without my mum and siblings. My dad’s father and mum are still alive and he has seven step brothers and five sisters but I don’t know why they keep insisting on my mum and siblings who have never bothered about this man must be present for him to be buried.

I need advice on this please on what to do because I am even confused and my husband is just terribly pissed off with my dad’s family action.

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