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“If Tithe Works, No Tithe Payer Should Be Broke” — Man Explains



A facebook user identified as Charles Awuzie has made some controversial personal opinions concerning tithing and its implications.

Charles, a Nigerian cyber-security expert based in South Africa, disprove the now propagated biblical doctrines concerning the implications of not paying tithes.

Charles Awuzie

To him,  he doesn’t see any reason why God should stop his children from progressing, just because they refused to pay tithe or destroy them because they used their own money to solve their financial problems instead.

He told those who think paying tithe will make them better than those who don’t pay tithe, that they are tithing in vain because tithing has nothing to do with progress in life.


Charles urged those who give tithes and alms to orphanages to continue, but they should know it doesn’t give them advantage over those who choose to use their money to invest, till they pull out of poverty.

He concluded that those who choose to invest instead of tithing are not stingy but stopped being stupid and if really tithing works, tithers should not be poor

He wrote;

When tithe payers/takers ask us non tithe payers/takers for money… And I am like “Didn’t y’all say that the Lord will shut the heavens over us? 😂 “.

Honey, no responsible Father shuts down the heaven over His child just because they didn’t give him a tip. Would you shut down the business of your biological child just because they refused to give you a cut of their business? 🤔🤔🤔 No. Imagine if you are as wealthy as God, why would you even think of destroying your children’s source of income just because they decided to use all their income to solve their own problems? 🤔🤔🤔

If you are paying tithe believing that the Father will bless you more than He blesses your brother/sister who doesn’t pay tithe, honey, you are tithing in vain.

NOTE 👉 If you want to give a tenth of your earnings to charity or missions, that’s a beautiful thing to do but don’t do it believing that it gives you any ADVANTAGE over those of us who give with our ‘Number 6’ (Financial intelligence). Go ahead and also sacrifice your ALL… as for me and my people, we will continue to re-invest our ALL until we are completely pulled out of Afro-centric generational poverty and then we can be able to pull others out. We are not stingy, we have just stopped been stupid.

If tithe works, no tithe payer should be broke.

Calm down and think 🤔. 


See the screenshot of his post below

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As usually different people shared their various views, below are some of their replies

Yukay Junior replied

The last statement “if tithe works, no tithe payer should be broke” is very pedestrian and shallow to put it mildly, it’s like an atheist saying if God exists there will be no human sufferings on earth. I’ve followed many of your posts in the past and I can say some r quite objective, but I’ve also found out that some posts are really just to curry favour with your base, I don’t agree with “the papas” tactics on manipulation and all but again tithe should be properly taught and examined objectively without pandering to populist opinions. I wrote a 5 part mini book on the subject in 2018 when the tithe brouhaha in Nigeria was at all time high. It was a product of many hours of research and learning. And I expect such from you. Balanced Fair and objective analysis of topical issues confronting the body of Christ. Maranatha.

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Osifo Joe replied:

A guy lost his wife to cancer in my local assembly and the pastor told the guy that God afflicted his wife because he didn’t pay tithe regularly. I wept on that day. That’s the wickedness of religion.
Brainwashed people, God has no need. He does not need your money. Go give your money to those that have needs. Giving your tithe to a one man system will only make the owner of the system feed fat and expand his empire.
That’s the basic truth many slaves of religion will not want to accept.
As long as the New Testament is concerned, tithe is not applicable. The system that demanded for tithe has long gone with the old Israelite governing system.
The New Testament has a new model and these men wil not allow you know. They have only succeeded in returning us back to the old system Jesus crumbles.

Siyabonga Chicco replied

If you have no revelation about it then don’t speak about it, things of God are a mystery. My opinion, if you are not a tither no problem stay like that, but stop bringing confusion to those who tithe it is very ungodly. Christianity is not about proving who is right or wrong but it is about demonstrating God’s (Power)character on Earth.



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Calling Your Pastor And His Wife ‘Daddy & Mummy’ Is Stupidity — Man Blows Hot



A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his opinion on the members addressing their pastors as “daddy” and his wife as “mummy”.

According to the twitter user, identified with the username, Stanley Ezinna, he stated that for a church member to be addressing their pastor as “daddy” shows stupidity and  proceeding to call his wife “mummy” is totally senseless.

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His tweet, however, laid an emphasis on age difference as he categorically mentioned those, who are older than their pastor and his wife as those he’s referring to and did not mention if it was also applies to those who are of the same age or younger than their pastor and his wife.

He tweeted;

 ‘Calling a pastor younger than you “daddy” is stupidity.

Calling the wife “mummy” is even worse!’

Read his tweet below

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