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Stop Alerting Your Enemies By Advertising Your Pregnancy, Wealth, Plans And Spouses On Social Media – Reno Omokri Advises



Former media aide to Ex-Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri  has warned those who are fond of posting their private lives and plans on social media to desist from it so as not to arouse jealousy and hatred from people who don’t wish them well.

-Reno(right) pictured with Nigerian ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan(left)

Mr Reno Omokri, who is an author and a lawyer is well-known for his wise and thought-provoking posts online, share this advise to his followers on his verified Instagram page

He admonished people that by putting their lives and future plans on the internet, they are indirectly alerting enemies within and outside, known and unknown, and on the long run they may face problems and obstacles that they can’t figure out how these problems and obstacles came about, not knowing they came from what they shared on social media.


He revealed that some followers are quietly monitoring people on social media platforms knowing fully well that these people will be not careful enough to display their plans and progress online

According to him, he wrote

“Don’t advertise your, pregnancy, spouse, wealth and plans on social media. Many of the problems you are encountering in these areas are the result of the enemies you alerted. Then you start praying against enemies, not knowing you are your own worst enemy! How will enemies know when to frustrate your plans if they don’t know those plans? How will they know your plans if you don’t tell them? There are people quietly following you, because they know you will give them exactly what they need to destroy you! ‪#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets.

See his post on Instagram.


As usual, his post attracted various reactions. While some saw reasons with him, others added theirs. Check some of their reactions below.

@cariller1 wrote IDK about this one. My God says he will prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies. Who am I to deprive them of the opportunity to watch me eat? l’m not bragging on myself when o share an accomplishment. I’m bragging on the God I serve who has brought me from a mighty long way. While I agree that being humble is a key to peace and to grace, I also believe in true testimony.


@sober dad_high_on_life wrote; I need to take that advice.. I’ve already shared personal stuff with ppl on social media and to be honest a lot of people don’t deserve to know you personally..i really be debating on leaving Facebook for good. too much hate and everybody got a opinion and everybody ain’t real behind those phones they be on or computer screens.. private life is a great life and just let ppl guess about your life.


@hillricky31 wrote; This is just my thoughts. If I am covered by the blood if Jesus then it shouldn’t matter if l want to post positive things that have happened in my life. My enemies may plot a d weapons may form, but they wont prosper. I will not live in some kind of fear that someone may plot against me if I post a positive thing in my life.


@stardeck-producer wrote; As a Politician you be na…. Because you know you always have opponents waiting to fvck u up..


@kkkwalazi wrote; Exactly sir..


@omachokobameyi wrote; One of the greatest advice ever, from the gifted one. God bless you sir


@nwaibor wrote Increase the volume.Awon competition gangs


@fid ddon wrote Exactly.


@peoeducational Your wisdom is equal to none..more Grace reno


@wiche_estherchiamaka wrote Well said sir


@iam_kharly wrote Noted. Thank you Sir


@lexy.willy001 wrote; Sir, i must admit.. wholeheartedly that your wisdom is from above. God is the one Who blessed you with such wisdom that few on earth only possess. I enjoy your daily quotes
and inspirational insights about life in general.
May the good Lord continue to use you to be a
blessing to this generation in Jesus name. Amen.



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Life style

Young Talented Student Uses Iron And Metals To Build Excavator (Video)



A young South African student has wowed many social media users after he used ordinary metal to build an amazing construction equipment, known as excavator.

The young boy has proven that there are lots of talents in Africa as he used some ordinary metal and iron to construct an innovative equipment that works exactly like a normal excavator used in construction sites.

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In the video that is currently trending on social media, the boy demonstrated how it works as he used an hydraulic selection to control it with his hands.

Watch video below:

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Credit: Channel N-TV

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